Review of “Service Included”

I just finished reading “Service Included,” Phoebe Damrosch’s memoir about waiting tables at the acclaimed Manhattan restaurant Per Se.

I have to totally side track here for a moment and switch my head over to my other business which is IT geeketteness. The Per Se website is well………… it’s interesting. Entirely Flash based with no apparent option to go to text only or something that doesn’t move around so much or even skip the moving pictures intro. A true example of a site designer that makes himself (or herself) do totally neat things with Flash and ignores the concept of web site viewer = potential restaurant client = restaurant paying customer.

After waiting 14 seconds (way to long first of all) just to get to the navigation menu, spent a good five minutes poking around looking for some sort of restaurant menu, I get food stories, great! I know their menu changes daily etc. etc. etc., but they have specialties, they have menu items they run all the time. Give me some information to sink my teeth into!

Clicked away finally feeling like I needed some Dramamine, not very conducive to feeling like I need to eat something. By the way, if you are old fashioned like me and set your screen rez to a setting where you can actually read things, don’t bother to look at the Per Se site if it’s set to less then 1024 X 768, no auto scroll bars and no auto re-sizer. Cuts off the whole bottom of the page. Missed quite a bit when I first took a peak.

Back to the book – on the next post : )


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