The wonders of spell-check!

I have to make this comment about Chefs that don’t run spell check on their menus. I HAD to run spell check on my menus when I was cooking because not only am I a terrible speller, I am dyslexic as all get out. I wish I was kidding!

This post is prompted by one of my customers that I post menus for online, that consistently makes major spelling errors and I see them in print in the newspaper as well: not to mention they also have a tendency to misappropriate nouveau and classical menu items.

Having seen this several times on their menus in the past year it’s just a reminder to those chefs who like to put fun little adjectives/nouns/verbs on inappropriate items (Don’t do it, you end up looking like an idjit)

Needless to say, having dealt with egotistical chefs for many years, myself being one of them formally. I don’t comment back, I just fix the spelling errors.

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