The movie “Waiting”

We had the dubious pleasure of renting “Waiting” last night. Yes we had heard it was bad, but we were looking forward to seeing the waiters and cooks supposedly get “revenge” on the bad customers. There were some genuinely funny moments but honestly I know chef/cooks mistreat food but I have NEVER seen them rub their genitals on it. What amazed me was how few things that they got right in the movie.

Only one restaurant term was used once, “in the weeds”, the bus boys snorting whippets (the compressed gas from the whipped cream containers) made us laugh because I have seen staff do that. A restaurant I know of in Stowe, VT burned down several (well many years) because a line cook was snorting whippets and smoking a cig, he passed out and cig went wild, he was very lucky. The place burned to the ground and he was unhurt.

A cook wrapping up a sheetpan of product using one long piece of saran wrap and the psycho waitress (Alanna Ubach) who was nuts in the kitchen and all sweetness and light to customers, definitely seen that! I think it was sad that they picked a chain restaurant to pick on as usually the servers there are trained better then most stand alone places.

To many TV shows and movies portray the restaurant scene as either light and fluffy where no one actually works or Everyone is totally looney, like “Waiting.” I would highly recommend this for people who are into too much swearing and weenie jokes. Definitely not for the kids or anyone who wants to watch something intelligent.

Chef Forfeng rating – this one is so bad it rates 4 stinky dill pickles.


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