Have they invented cloning yet? Part II

I struggle to remain a sole person at my business, as I want my clients, who are all important to me, to get ME on the phone, to have ME to deal with if they need something and for ME to be the one to do the work for them. While this seem selfish, i.e, I don’t want to pay another person, it is important to me that I have a personal connection with the people I work with. I get very irritated when I call a business that I am looking for a product or service from, and I get the bottom of the pickle barrel to deal with. If you have issues, these people, it seems, most of the time you can’t get answers from them, they can’t solve your problems and if you want to talk to a manager, you usually get bumped up from rung to rung until, maybe, eventually, you get to reach someone that can help you. Maybe!!!

I prefer if someone has something they need, information I can find for them, a problem to be fixed, something I can help them with, that they get me. I will fix the problem, find the solution, find the answer. If I don’t know I will say so, but I will try to find out about it so that I DO know.


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