Some Like It Hot!

Hot food and why I like it! and why cold food peeves me…….. I have struggled with why when I cook dinner and have the call to arms to come “eat”, whether it is just my husband and I, or when we have guests, why I get so blasted antsy when it takes a couple of minutes for the dinees to “come” to sit at the table or in self serve mode come to serve themselves.

While I may have some phobias and tweeky hangups, it struck me last night as I called my significant other to dinner, “what the heck was my problem?” As I started getting impatient for him to come eat all ready!

I had it!!!!! Too many years of screaming at waitstaff, “pick up, pick up, the foods dying here!”

After almost 5 years out of the kitchen old habits die hard apparently. Take a cook out of the kitchen but the kitchen still retains its little hooks in you.

When our daughter graduated from high school several weeks ago, her graduation present was a new “box”. I had tremendous fun filling a new Craftsman three drawer with some very essential kitchen tools that she would need for her new career if she intents to follow it. If not, well some time soon she will have her own apartment and will need those things anyway as she likes to cook.

Two takeaways to consider for me out of this.

1. Yes, Men shopping at Sears are still sexist, I happened to buy her new toolbox prior to the weekend that also had Father’s Day attached to it. 6 comments about how sweet it was that I was buying a box for my husband got me to respond with “actually it’s for my daughter for her new path in life,” got several stunned looks and a few blushes in response.

Thankfully, the nice cashier was unassuming and we had a lively discussion about how Sears had discontinued the 2 drawer version of the “box” and why perhaps Sears had polled the wrong industry regarding the decision to discontinue same. One of the “blushees” was behind me in line and apologized for his presumption. And men say they regard women in business as equals. Phoeey!

2. My significant other did think I was seriously tweeked when I made the traditional newbie knife guards for new knives I had bought for the kit out of cardboard and duct tape, and then spent 20 minutes showing him the difference in balance between a $60 low end Forschner and the $250 Wusthof (that used to be a 12 inch and now was pared from sharpening after many years of use to a 9 inch). Like I said, you can take the cook out of the kitchen. 🙂


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