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I was recently asked to put music on a restaurant website, I explained why if you do do this you should have the option of asking whether people want the sound on or off before entering the site. The client who I have since sent off to harass someone else, I recently let go because of major differences of opinion, i.e. Egotistical chefs who have not earned their egos, I have very little regard for. But I digress, said client did not want this option, even after a lengthy explanation of why this is not a good idea, because to him it was supposed to “set the mood” , well………. many people surf the web while at work, hearing rap music and the oddest variety of sounds coming from ones cubicle, while you are supposed to be working on the financials for a client is probably not a good idea. I guess being unemployed helps set the mood.

I was reminded of this a few days ago, when someone asked about Boulder, Co on twitter, saying they had never been there. Out of curiosity and to see whether some of the excellent restaurants were still around that I remembered, I got sidetracked looking at restaurant websites out there. Boy am I sorry I had my speakers on! And also a perfect reminder of why while music is fun, and it can be when attached to a website, it can also be inappropriate and annoying when used incorrectly.

A few examples: (by the way if you are at work, turn the speakers off or way down, hint, hint) -while I like funk jazz, it was a little unexpected -this one had to be the most annoying with the weird sounds when you click on things. -this one for annoying music, starts out a little catchy and then right on in to heavy metalish -had the option to turn the music off but only after the music started -this site on the other hand drew my attention as it offered the option before one even got into the main page. I like!


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