Quasi Chefs oh so amuse me!

Someone keeps popping up like a bad penny. While what I do now is very satisfying although not terribly financially rewarding (ie, being nice to people means you usually give too much away and not charge for it). I long for, or rather my ego longs for the good old days or rather the egotistical old days.

In relation to the bad penny and not having much regard for people who have not earned their own stripes. What I do now (IT work et al):……I regard myself as a small potato in a very huge field of very large and very experienced big potatoes, constantly learning and somewhat feeling like I need about two dozen years to catch up; and yes I really maybe should have gone to school for this instead of CIA. In cooking land, I was a local big potato with awards and write-ups, (la-de-da) I was strong, I was ego, I am chef: hear me roar. BUT! I had earned my stripes.

I worked for years under the best, brilliant, talented (and most temperamental) chefs who taught me boatloads more then I ever learned at CIA. I endured being screamed at, having knives and pots and pans thrown at me and being belittled because my bruniose of celeriac was not perfect; just that once. I spent 20 years working my way from dishwasher to executive chef and general manager. It was a hard and brutal battle. Add to that being a short chick who looks ten years younger then I really was/am. (in the cooking world this is so NOT a good thing!)

Why do I have a problem with “chefs” that have chefdom handed to them on a plate. I can’t imagine! So this bad penny that keeps popping up….I might ask of one day soon, “prove your stripes to me and then you can have some respect!”


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