Twitter & Quasi Chefs part deux

I have been recently trying to search out chefs and food people (Not foodies!) on twitter. I’m very interested in talking to people in other parts of the country about what restaurants are doing to cut costs, market and survive. I read as many industry blogs, papers, newsletters etc. etc. blah blah as I can, but it’s not the same as getting it from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Most culinary people I know don’t have boatloads of time to spend writing about how their place used a new, innovative idea (fill in the blank) to help attract people.

But I digress, re: twitter, looking for chefs and food people. The count this morning for people with “chef” in their descriptions was about 606, here I got somewhat bogged down looking at what people past “tweeted about” to see whether they were actually chefs or rather home cooks who think calling themselves a chef is cool?/ok?/something? Is that like saying because they read the Wall Street Journal they’re a stockbroker? Am I being to harsh?

I guess what this really reminds me of is several times putting out want ads looking for sous chefs.

Ad would read, ” requirements; a least 3 years previous experience as a sous chef, ordering, inventory and servsafe cert required, culinary grad a plus, non smokers need not apply. (sorry STILL a strong believer in smokers can’t smell and taste totally like they should)

Of the resumes, phone calls, walk-ins and emails I would get, I would usually get a couple of decent ones to pick from, and then several dozen from line cooks thinking they could move up (sometimes they could) and then invariably I would get at least one call or resume or in some case a mini novel about how I should hire someone that just really really really loves food and enjoys cooking at home and how they just made the most mahvelous (think Billy Crystal) roast beast. Snoooze.

I’m afraid I got some sort of sick vicarious pleasure of asking them point blank, “So, ya think you can be my sous chef? So you think you can pull 3 dozen grilled duck breasts, 15 porterhouses and 26 Statlers out of your rear (less politely put to be sure) in 15 minutes, at the same time juggling 4 fryalators, steaming the veg, doing the dessert line and the app line and then fill in for me when I’m off, do the dairy ordering and the produce, manage the staff and yell at the waitrons?” About half way through this tirade they would usually be standing there with their mouth open and a blank shell shocked look on their face. I think I lost them somewhere around Statler or so.

I realize I take this way to personally, but I used to get so sick of getting into conversations with people in the past “Yes, I’m a executive chef” and I would get “really my son is a chef too!”. Not quite as bad, but still cringe inducing when the son is a line cook at Dennys. But usually it’s the “Oh, your a cook (also a pet peeve, no I’m a chef) you know I made the most mahvelous roast beast last night. Oy vay!


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