The Stock King and a laugh

I wrote awhile back about the “Stock King” I used to work for. A conversation I had recently on a networking site made me laugh. It was mentioned by the person I was having a chat with, ”that oh goodness, I was reading your old blog posts recently and I would never want to go eat at the restaurant you used to work at where the old chef dumped the garbage cans out on a tarp at the end of the night.” Just to clarify this as re-reading the post I guess I didn’t make it clear, the chef never used to actually USE any of the food that went into the garbage bins, he only used this to point out any products that  COULD HAVE been used for something, so we would not repeat our mistakes in the future. He did ream us out so badly if he found use-able product that our ears would catch fire and fall off though. I suppose a few singed ears may have ended up in the soup which might count for being a bit gross.


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