My Sadly Neglected Blog

I realized this morning that I have spent so much time in the last few months showing people how to set up blogs and how to and what to blog about I have totally neglected mine.

We moved as a family and I personally moved my business from New Hampshire to Palm Springs last December and I am finally starting to catch up with the many projects that I got behind on both personally and on business ends.

I have been spending some time on twitter which has been fun, you can find me @forfeng

If you are a food person or a tech person with something interesting to say I will definitely follow you back if you follow me. But as someone found greatly amusing when I posted this several days ago. “wise yoda say,tweeters quick rich get follow me who, bother don’t, follow you back not I will”

I have not much interest in mass marketers, know it alls and great rich quick schemes. I don’t do what I do now to make a boatload of money, I could go back to cooking if I wanted to do that.

Which brings to the point behind why I started this post. In the last few weeks while being on twitter and finding interesting things there, I wanted to write a comment or a snipe, a snip, a snark or an extension of something and much as I love the twitterverse it limits you from being overly wordy, so here I return to my long neglected blog and hopefully shall neglect it no more.

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