Twitter Marketing for Inns and B&B’s Part 2

Follow up to Twitter Marketing for Inns and B&B’s Part 1

Ok I fibbed, couldn’t wait until Monday, it’s too darn hot out here to do anything productive outside, so I get to have a guilty pleasure and actually get a chance to write more!

Why do I like twitter as marketing tool? Blogs are great, as is Facebook, but in essence you have to get people to come to you, you have to advertise it or people have to bookmark it somewhere with social media.

Twitter you can go out and create your community and you can also target market, go follow 50 brides planning on getting married in New Hampshire, one of them might follow you back, or gasp maybe 2. Can we say potential guest and their wedding party? Cha Ching. You can go find them instead of them having to find you. I’ll address search in a soon to be future post. Promise.

So many innkeepers don’t converse with anyone, I have looked at quite a few lodging innkeeper streams and they seem to think, well I am tweeting and doing my job, I look at them and see 200 followers and 200 people they are following (looks like they followed back everyone that followed them and I have peeked and it usually is). All their posts are done religiously once daily and there are several hundred of them. Not advertising their inn, never conversing with other people, never linking to anyone else. They are on twitter because they have been convinced by the media that they SHOULD be on twitter.

These are not people or businesses, from the standpoint as both someone that roams in the industry and as a customer/consumer that I would want to follow. They will never probably converse with me and I really don’t care if they make waffles every Thursday and that they have to make the beds again from last nights guests. Purely from a customer’s perspective, can I say ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ?

Post a recipe, say you dislike Sarah Palin (or do like her, I will not unfollow you because of it, it might spark a discussion though), tell me about your special offer this weekend, but please don’t treat twitter like it’s a chore.

If it’s a chore, your missing the point, If it’s a chore, then yes you will be one of those people that tweet dutifully for months and then stop and say to everyone “oh, yes I tried twitter but I never got anything out of it” Hello! Anyone home in there? If you try something once and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea, it just means that possibly it wasn’t the right time to do it and/or maybe you can do it differently and it might work.

You don’t have to wait for people to follow you, go out and find some, whether you want to socialize with them, you need or want them for business purposes or they are potential guests, not everyone will follow you back but that’s ok. Be cautious though, if you do browse for followers, try not to follow more then 10 per day. (inflated followers to followee accounts don’t look too good) Unless it’s someone you really really want to talk to, go ahead and unfollow them after a couple of weeks, if they don’t follow you back, they won’t be offended, that’s how twitter works. Follow Fridays are great, I have made some terrific contacts through others suggestions.

Even if people you follow never follow you back, you can still talk to them and many times they will be paying attention and talk back. Those people you really really want to talk to, that you can’t hook, track them down and pick up the phone!

When you post a tweet about a special for example, as a consumer, I know that your website is on your profile (maybe) but I want instant gratification, I would have gone to look (but I didn’t because I would have to move my lazy butt to the top of the page) I would have clicked it if there was a link to your website in the post, even better if it linked to your specials page (or wherever it’s listed)  Step back for a second and think about print advertising, you have a catchy ad, but there’s no contact info really easy to find = instant loss of interest. Same concept.

Even if you never (which I doubt if you take a little time to use it) get a customer out of twitter, think of the fact that the search engines, real time search and social media search go through twitter constantly. For search traffic  and SEO it’s worth it alone! Hello again, this is free, take advantage of it! Even if you never (which I doubt if you take a little time to use it) get a customer out of twitter, you can make some incredible business contacts, this is way better then networking at your small town chamber mixer. HMMMM?

More soon.


  • On twitter you can go out and create your community
  • Don’t be on twitter because the media told you should be on twitter, be on twitter because you want to use it and get something out of it.
  • Twitter marketing doesn’t have to be chore
  • Make sure you tweet your links, people are lazy, give them instant gratification

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