Twitter Marketing for Inns and B&B’s Part 4.75

This is an interjection that I thought lodging might find interesting, this is a compilation of 3 days of tracking keywords in twitter. (this is only 3 days, so think about the chances of someone mentioning your inn by name and even better linking to it, that person could have hundreds of people that read his/her post in 3 days, multiply that times the year) Love that free advertising!


Rave reviews for the Comings bed and breakfast! Hitting the road refreshed.

Arrived in Madisonville, Texas. Staying at the Bunkhouse and Biscuits Bed and Breakfast. I can practically guarantee they are not on Twitter

We are at the bed and breakfast. Such a nice room with a temperpedic king size Bed just like at home.

just checked in to the most adorable Barcelona bed and breakfast!

Ps the bed and breakfast we are at is adorable, AND we get crepes for breakfast tomorrow!!!!

Here at a bed and breakfast in Jamestown excited for event sat. Having fun with platinums have a great weekend!

At a bed and breakfast near Woodward. Maybe it’s just me but B&B’s really weird me out. Just a mishmosh of weird people/forced conversation.

Comfortably settled in at Mansion Hill Inn, a historic bed and breakfast. Walked 3 blocks to have sushi. Chocolate left on our pillows.

Has arrived in Mississippi at the bed and breakfast, changing now for the concert tonight! Awesome gift baskets as I got into the room

At a bed and breakfast all weekend in Ste. Genevieve celebrating 2 years of wedded bliss. (anniv is actually on the 14)

Arrrh….the joys of arriving early at an English B&B and the rooms not ‘quite ‘ ready no en suite and £60 a night incl the Banksky tax

Staying at the Beach Bed and Breakfast – oceanfront on St. simons Island, GA. Probably one of the fanciest places we’ve ever been. This is a “Bed and Breakfast” that you can stay in. They told us that John Travolta, Bette Midler and other f …

This was from one tweeter, this is the stream (read in reverse, bottom to top)

  • “Plan B: Spending tonite at Sherwood Court. That was our fav place last time. Back where we belong. Http:// Love u guys!!!!
  • At Dave’s request, I’m writing a strong letter to the Chamber of Commerce. I just want this old guy to get some resolution with Ozarks Opera
  • Wow, Dave seriously said ‘Listen, Buddy!’ to get that innkeeper’s attention. Hilarious! What’s funny is that it got his attention too.
  • Wow, White River Cabin has the meanest innkeeper I’ve met in my life. Whoa! SO MUCH HATE!!!!
  • Don’t mess with us White River Cabins! We Are Some Angry Bitches!!!!!!!
  • Ended up in the cutest cabin… Stayed out late with friends… Got into bed at 2am… and Worst Bed on the Planet. Up all night miserable.”

Not normally a Bed and Breakfast fan but this place near Dartmouth in Devon really goes the extra mile-

Wow! my twenty-something SO really enjoyed a bed and breakfast mostly frequented by people celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary

at our bed and breakfast in KY… soooo cute! I don’t want to leave.

Arrived Waterville, Maine. It appears we’ve broken into our bed and breakfast. Well, kind of. The doors are open, but there is no one here.

On vaction for Anniversary 7years as of 7/11/2009. In New Richmond Oh, at a bed and breakfast outside of Cinci.

There is also and Bed and Breakfast hotel “Ågården Bed & Breakfast” next to Vega. (in reply to someone)

Amsterdam was crazy! We got a B&B in Monnickendam => So much less confusion and we can finally relax. We´ĺl be home this weekend.

Just how many days I live without Internet? I’m so glad they have WiFi in this B&B….

B&B in St Beat Midi Pyrenees #France Ron the owner is a very nice guy.

7.30am alarm gone off in the B&B I am staying at. A full English breakfast awaits and then the final leg of the coast to coast bike ride

anyone recomend a good hotel in Amersterdam centre for my big 60 in Oct.Flying over,just need a room..a good b&b would do great..Cheers

Just booked our stay at a B&B in Temecula. Going wine tasting!

The Richards Bed and Breakfast in Narragansett (Rhode Island Sound): (from a travel writer)

What was the name of the bed and breakfast where you were?

article about your gorgeous bed and breakfast in Nantucket is up! (from a travel writer)

Looks like I’m going to skip the Lake District this summer… Thank you minimum 2 nights stay B&B policy!

Woke up to an appropriately beautiful view from our room at the Bella Vista B&B in Cobh. On to Cork soon!

Wondering what the weekend will bring… hoping to find a b&b near Hasselt that’s still available

Has just had a slap up breakfast at b&b and will be home later today. Had a great time. Needed the break away for sure!

Day 17: looking out of B&B window at a very grey wet morning… Only just got everything dry from our last soaking! Oh well, breakfast!

Beer at under *3 for 2 pints, and a B&B owner who’d give Fraser (Dad’s Army) competition! Are we “doomed”, maybe, if it keeps raining!

Slept like a log last night! Much better room in the B & B this week 🙂

Just received a great mailer from The Cary Arms, Devon – the luxury B&B looks divine – think I will book a roman’ic weekend away with my ma

Found great B&B in New Forest. This morning a boat on the Solent and then pub lunch with old friend. Chilled

Ah, I see..I forgot to ask, how was the B&B? I heard you met a girl, is she cute?

Here’s the b&b we stayed at, nice room and tasty breakfast. We went to some of the castles nearby.

Sitting at the B&B on the River, with Friends,and having Relaxing evening!!!!


As you can see from the posts, it’s also a good idea to monitor your name especially if someone has a bad experience there.

Please note that while every post doesn’t have a link, quite a few do mention the names of the inns they are staying or have stayed at.


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