Twitter Marketing for Inns and B&B’s Part 6/Power of Retweets

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The retweet should be considered to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Chris Brogan did a great article on the power of the retweet here:

I am more of a visual type of person and after scribbling diagrams on countless pieces of paper to try to explain to people where your retweets go, I figured it would be easier to make up a little picture of it. It’s not Renoir but hopefully it’s explanatory.

  1. For inns, the most posts that I see get retweets are ones with links to recipes. Ones on their blogs or linked into their websites are the optimal ones.
  2. The second ones that I see get retweeted are ones that are very humorous. Jokes, inane but funny comments, personal comments about how an inn had a guest’s dog shred a goosedown pillow (I wish I had tagged where I saw that one a few months ago) that one got a lot of milage.
  3. The third being contests, raffles or drawings. “be our 1000th follower, win a free room night, or an order of chocolate dipped strawberries when you come to stay, or a $15% discount” “enter our photo contest and win……….”
  4. The fourth being specials or special offers, with the caveat that it has to be a really catchy special offer. Don’t forget to add a referral code to the offer, it helps track it.

When searching for retweets, don’t ask people to RT (retweet) your post, not unless it’s earthshaking. If they find it interesting they will do it themselves. I find people asking to get RT’ed are annoying, mostly because they abuse it. They ask it for every post. Let your consumers decide.

Follow Chris Brogan’s advice (above)

I have a larger version of this picture at this link (so you can actually read it)

The Power of a Retweet

The Power of a Retweet


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