Twitter and why I disagree with the Pear analytics study

I have an issue with the Pear analytics study that just came out

“The results were interesting. As you may have guessed, Pointless Babble won with 40.55% of the total tweets captured; however, Conversational was a very close second at 37.55%, and Pass-Along Value was third (albeit a distant third) at 8.7% of the tweets captured.”

Regardless of the fact that I personally think 60% is a pretty darn good investment from a product that is A. FREE and B. still a good investment in time from a ROI perspective of marketing, social networking and SEO.

Of the combined pointless babble and conversational, WHERE is the underground survey data that talks/delves in the relationships that have developed directly off of twitter, the DMs, the emails and the phone calls?

I don’t have statistically a huge amount of people I follow or that follow me back on a large scale, like some users that follow everyone and have large followings back, famous people or peeps that use my favorite “get more followers” programs. Most of my follower/followee people I think fall into the valuable category.

Yes I have some friends I chit chat back and forth with, also clients. Sometimes it easier to communicate how tos and what tos and new links by DM then by email. I am also guilty of posted occasional inane tweets.

I get an average of 7-10 followers per day, about half I may follow back unless it’s a high twitter porn day.

I will usually follow back if A. (being most important) I think I might have something in common with them and B. they seem like a decent person and C. I don’t see any spam/buy this/use my company tweets in their stream.

On follow Fridays I will check people that are suggested and might follow some, I might track a conversation with someone I follow and maybe follow the person they are conversing with if they ping me as interesting.

The point which I was trying to get at originally was of the 868 people I follow, 56 currently are not following me back, a few are hospitality related, a couple are peeps I just recently followed and the rest are social media gurus that I don’t expect to follow me back @Scobleizer and @ducttape for example.

I don’t expect them to follow me back. @Scobleizer used to and then he cleansed his list. I can’t say I’m offended because I’m not. The likely hood of his being interesting in my mostly tweets about hospitality are probably not high.

I have 421 people who follow me that I don’t follow back, some are ones that are just selling stuff/products/services that I have no interest in, some are probably inactive tweeters, some are people that followed me back awhile ago that didn’t have any info or profiles filled out and some I have no clue why they followed me and still follow me. Hopefully I am outputting something someone is finding interesting.

Back to the point:

  • Of the 868 people I follow, I have had DM conversations that were NOT pointless babble or conversational but about business with at least 1/2 of them.
  • Of those approximately 440 people, over 300 of the DMs have developed into phone calls and emails (about 90% business related) If I tweet 20 (on a high) times a day, I usually get at least 15 DMS, half are conversational, the other half business.
  • Of the over 300 peeps, 15 so far have developed into clients (and I am not fishing for business on twitter, at least not deliberately) and over 200 of them have turned into valuable business contacts for both companies and services that in order to have meet these people spaced across the country (and some overseas) I would had to spend thousands of dollars in food shows, seminars and networking events. How do you put a price tag on that?

The ratio of people that I have crossed paths with and intersected with on twitter more then makes up the time I have spent on the service. What is the ROI on free, What is the ROI on great networking?

I think this is one of the reasons that people who have just come on board twitter don’t see the value in it, they only see the superficial side of whats public. Until someone does an in-depth survey on the extended results of twitter (the DMs, the emails and the phone calls), I can’t take what a survey like that says at face value.


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