Why Google loves twitter for SEO

I have been noticing some trends with twitter for SEO and have also been doing some experimenting.

Quite a few businesses now are coming up high in Google search for their twitter names and also personal names. Businesses using their full names in their tweets come up much higher in Google search, where as frequent tweeters not using their business names in the content of their tweets don’t score very high.

To do a small test of this, I set up a separate twitter account for my own business and used tweetlater to broadcast pre-programmed tweets http://twitter.com/forfengdesigns for 8 days, 99% of the time using my business name. an average of 70 tweets per day which was probably overkill but was a good test of my theory.

Day 1, no sign of the link

Day 2 of the test http://twitter.com/forfengdesigns came up in the middle of page 15 of Google search when doing a search for Forfeng Designs

Day 3, I got sidetracked and forgot to look 🙂

Day 4 of the test it was moved up to page 5

By Day 5 it was in the middle of page 1

By Day 6 it was above my own website listing, my website is fairly static and has occasional updates when I add a new client or some new images. I use it mainly for a portfolio and don’t leverage it heavily. 3 weeks later the forfengdesigns twitter account is still hanging out there up at the top of search.  I haven’t done anything about because I want to see how long it sticks around up there. I’m afraid I pay more attention to getting my clients found then myself, what do they say? The Cobblers children……LOL.

Also note if you do a regular Google search on forfeng. My regular twitter account pops up first, I try to post “Forfeng’s Blog: followed by the subject at least once every couple of weeks, but I think it’s because A. I have a high “noise” factor and B. usually I have a fairly good RT factor in the beginning of the week to the number of followers I have. Until I started heavily using twitter my account didn’t come up at all.

If this theory is true (that you can leverage twitter by using your full business name frequently), I can see it getting abused by marketers, on the other hand if you have a small business and your website is not well optimized, you’re a do it yourselfer, or you have a web developer that charges an arm and a leg for frequent updates, this in conjunction especially with setting up a blog for specials and news can help bring a lot of traffic attention to your business through Google search.

Content still seems to be king on Google, especially in twitter content, I try to ask people when I remember to why they followed me on twitter or how they found me. People searching Google (not twitter) have apparently found me because I was tweeting about mobile marketing and using twitter for hospitality recruiting among other things.

Please check out some examples of screenshots from Google and also some anomalies that can effect the rankings/search http://www.forfengdesigns.com/twitterseo.htm


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