Why Firefly really got cancelled

Yes I apologize in advance, this is a totally frivolous post and not at all business related, aside from the fact that links on the historical tweets website to my own website resulted in several hundred extra hits (kind of interesting).

I really really appreciate and am mucho flattered at the fact that historical tweets used my ideas for two of their tweet days, but because I’m picky about “in” jokes and because I honestly, though most probably misguidedly, think my originals were more amusing, I am posting here for posterity sake and for the dozen or so people that twitter DMed me asking “so whats your problem” LOL

Apparently I do really stink at reading the fine print (reference an earlier post) which at least  in this case, really was there, about reserving the right to edit.

Sorry I still think mine are funnier, but I’m also a die hard trekkie, firefly fan, so call me a shoe chef but don’t call me late for dinner.

Original: Star trek

startrek tweet

The Historical Tweets version:  The “T.” in James T. Kirk is for Twitter

which I do admit had a catchy title.

Original: Firefly


The Historical Tweets version: Firefly’s Captain Reynolds Lets It all Hang Out

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