Death of the burger, it’s not a passing fad, you overcooked the damn thing.

Yup, this is a burger rant, read on or go elsewhere now, you’ve been warned.

There has been much talk about the death of the gourmet burger. PERHAPS…..

BUT restaurants let me point something out to you. If someone orders a burger rare to medium rare, and unless your restaurant has a standard and discloses, “we cook our burgers medium because of food safety concerns.” Please for the love of Mike, don’t serve us our burgers well done! I might as well go to MickyDs for that.

I love fine food and gourmet food, but I have the occasional craving for a big fat juicy burger occasionally. The last dozen times I have caved and ordered a burger out somewhere… well I have yet to receive a perfectly cooked burger and I’ve regretted it.

I generally get my way with steak, so hey Mr. and Mrs Chef dude/dudettes, is it beneath you to cook a decent burger? I order mine medium rare, my husband likes his rare. Even if all the other food we have ever had, having currently or will perhaps maybe have in the future (if we return) is affected by the fact that you who are cooking my burger don’t feel the need to cook it correctly because it’s a….burger.

I admit (while cringing) when I cooked for a living I HATED cooking burgers! But being on the consumer end now, it peeves me to be on the other side of the fence. Yes gourmet burgers can be lovely, but even when you add all those fabulous toppings and flavorings and yummylicious artisan bread to it, it falls flat if its patty well (this, in Irish Pub lingo means cooked beyond any chance of life remaining in it) so why do it.

This goes hand in hand with good service, if I have a nasty burger (yes it is an entree no matter where I am), I’ll tell at least 10 people about it. People that love their burgers will too. So the lesson behind this is Chefs and Owners, teach your staff (and yourselves if necessary) how to cook a decent burger, its not brain surgery and is certainly easier to learn then how to make turducken.

I guess until a restaurant can capture my heart with the perfectly cooked burger, I will remain at my trusty grill making fat burgers smothered with grilled portabellas, sharp cheddar and chipotle BBQ myself (and by the way they will be Medium Rare)

If you got this far, yes it was a rant and yes you were warned.  🙂

Burger lovers unite and the next time you get a badly cooked burger, DON”T say, “its fine”


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