Bed and Breakfast Survey about Tripadvisor’s new listing options.

With the recent announcement of Tripadvisor now offering paid options for additional information listings, we were curious to see what the general thoughts were from the Bed and Breakfast Industry. and

If you would be so kind as to fill out the brief survey (under 10 questions) it would be appreciated.

The current B&B survey is closed. If you are any type of lodging facility and would like to take the survey please click here

This survey will run until the end of January 2010.

All information except for statistics will be kept confidential unless otherwise noted in the survey.

Thank you for helping with the survey!

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2 Responses to Bed and Breakfast Survey about Tripadvisor’s new listing options.

  1. Lisa Kolb says:

    I have passed this on to our Bed and Breakfast followers, and look forward to seeing the results. Trip Advisor is always an interesting topic of discussion among Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers, and I hope that many choose to fill out your surveys!

  2. bill says:

    Puerto Rico is not a state and not another country so I chose a north eastern state. Used to being ignored down here in our Caribbean paradise but there are compensations.

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