Results of the Bed and Breakfast Tripadvisor Survey

A week long survey ended yesterday asked what B&B’s thought about the new paid listing options that Tripadvisor will be offering come January of 2010. More information here and

The results were mainly respondents garnered off of twitter and the survey was also passed around by several state and local bed and breakfast associations. Many MANY thanks to all the B&Bs (91 respondents) that responded to the survey and also to all the people that Retweeted the survey link!

Your help was very much appreciated!

The Survey contained the following questions:

  • Where is the B&B located?
  • What is the the name of the B&B (this information is not listed in any of the summaries and is confidential information.)
  • What is the number of rooms at the B&B?
  • What is an average room price at the B&B
  • Is there a restaurant at the B&B?
  • With the current news that Tripadvisor is going to be charging money for enhanced listings. Will the B&B be signing up?
  • Does the B&B think Tripadvisor is taking advantage of small businesses by charging a huge fee for the listings, knowing that many people rely on the reviews given by them.
  • Does the B&B think Tripadvisor will give preferential treatment to businesses that pay to list their accounts.
  • Please leave any additional comments the B&B thinks are relevant.
  • A question about being quoted.

While I admit at least one of the questions may have been a bit leading, questions were created on the basis of many of the phone, email and DM comments I had gotten from lodging properties concerned with the new developments.

So it is interesting to see the comments B&Bs did have, the option of listing no comment to their replies was available, but as you can see from the survey many voiced how they thought about this.

I am currently running another survey until the end of January that is open to all types of lodging facilities, it has several more questions then the Bed and Breakfast survey and I tried to make questions as ambivalent as possible.

If you are a B&B and you took the last survey, it would be VERY much appreciated if you would also take this one, it also contains some questions regarding other directories and your participation would be extremely helpful.

There is also an incentive to take the survey :), a drawing will be held if your email address is provided for a free rack card design or redesign. Please take the survey here:

In June of 2010 we will be running another survey regarding Tripadvisor’s paid listings, to gather information from lodging facilities to see whether they have listed or not listed with TA, and if they have listed, to share some of the statistics that have resulted from the paid listing.

The extended summary lists all replies with the exclusion of the B&B names. 50 pages including comments

Tripadvisor Survey B&B Extended

The summary lists location and the answers to 3 questions. 4 pages

Tripadvisor Survey B&B Brief


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2 Responses to Results of the Bed and Breakfast Tripadvisor Survey

  1. Good Comments. I agree with your point.

  2. Arthur Fink says:

    I’m disturbed to learn that TripAdvisor would do that!

    Their credibility is in their detachment from the business of each B & B (or inn or restaurant).

    If they go this route, then at some time my one or two star reviews (out of possible five) will become unacceptable.

    Not good!

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