Twitter marketing for Inns and BnB’s Part 7.5

To elaborate on the lists feature a bit more from Twitter marketing for Inns and BnB’s Part 7. With the seeming death of Follow Friday,  which used to be a great way to find twitter people that you had common interests or industry relation with, the advent of the twitter lists is actually a great resource.

When you have a new twitter friend you have come in contact with, you can check out lists they have made or other’s lists that they are following. If you are searching for other innkeepers, many have lists going of innkeepers themselves.

In addition it’s a great way to weed out MLM marketers as a prime example, who, while I am sure there are some non spammers out there, 99% off the time will spam DM you with the “make money fast using……” spiel. In the past when I checked out new followers, I checked out their description, their twitter stream of posts, their web link (if one), now I look at who listed them as what as well. The ones labeled spammers is a direct indication of “no thanks” or douchb@gs or stalkers (I kid you not).

Lists can be used for marketing for your potential guests as well.

If you make lists of locals events and attractions, things to do and local restaurants, not only can you point this out to your guests, who are also on twitter, as some things to do and see in the area but also with the advent of events and specials being announced on twitter as well as twitter only discounts, you can keep tabs on whats going on in the area.

If your inn was in the White Mts region of NH for instance you might have a twitter list with the Mt. Washington Auto Rd, Ski Wildcat White Mountain Attractions The Colonial Theatre The Funspot Squam Lakes Natural Science Center The Common Man* and many more.

*While many restaurants are not yet on twitter or don’t maintain active twitter accounts, many do have facebook fan pages.

If you have potential guests interested in the area, you can point them in the direction of your custom twitter lists and they can follow the list as well, if they want to check out the area in advance for any length of time. Keep in mind, potential guests do not have to use twitter or have an account on twitter themselves to be able to look at your twitter list information.

Say you have a potential guest coming to stay, they want information about area restaurants, you can send them weblinks to the places themselves (if they have websites), but you could also send the guest your restaurant twitter list. The fact that a local place could be having 1/2 price lobster every Friday (and they advertise it on twitter only) could be the deciding factor between potential guest and paying guest. This is a great way to give added value and enhance your area marketing as well.


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