How to Use YouTube to Enhance Your Area Activities Page

Here is one of the ways you can use YouTube to enhance your website, blog, facebook, twitter and other social media outlets to give added value to guests and potential guests.

I am now hearing a collective groan.:) “Oh no, not MORE stuff for social media!” Relax!

I don’t mean videoing your inn (I do recommend that as well but it may not be cost effective for an inn at this point). I mean using the fruits of other’s labors and taking advantage of what your local and state chambers and associations are already doing for you.

Once you have looked into this and utilized this, it can be revisited every few months to see what’s new out there, but its not a long term time sucker. As time is something, as well I know, is a valuable commodity for an innkeeper.

Many inn/b&b websites have area attractions pages, and they also promote area attractions on their blogs, fan pages etc. as well.

If you go to Youtube and enter “Lake Sunapee NH” as an example, there are hundreds and hundreds of videos out there already about the area, some created by individuals, many created already by professionals. You have the ability to integrate the links or the whole video into your area attractions page and your other social media as well.

I would be cautious and look and listen to the videos carefully before linking into them but there is a wealth of content already out there.

Pictures sell, as does video.

If you had a guest inquiring about local hiking trails and the local trails association had done up a nice video already, take advantage of it. Link to it and email it to your guests as well when you are asked for area information.

In a very brief 5 minute search for “Lake Sunapee NH”, I pulled up dozens and dozens of videos. If you do a search for some keywords for your area, you might find some interesting things that can be used and integrated into your current marketing without spending a dime and giving added value to your guests as well.

A very quick list of videos from Lake Sunapee NH as an example:

Also look for the main publishers, they may have many videos already compiled together, as examples:

As you look for videos be sure to check out the related video box to the right, as you will get some added suggestions to look at. If you use someone’s personal video I think the polite thing to do is let the owner know you’ve linked to their video, who knows you might get a potential guest out of it to boot.



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