Important Information for Facebook Fan Page Business Owners

Make sure you “own” your fanpage. Fan pages are not transferable.

Be careful who sets up your fan page. If you have an employee set your fan page up, it’s connected to their accounts, if they leave, you can get screwed, as they can not only alter information in your page but can delete the fan page totally.

This applies for having an employee be an admin as well. If an employee leaves, you should revoke their admin status ASAP, they also have the ability to alter and delete the page as well.

You could also have an employee that’s created the page and they may leave and forget or refuse to give you access to your page. So when you set up your fan page make sure it’s registered through your own account.

I recently had this happen to one of my inns whose employee set up the fan page and has now departed for places unknown. You can submit a help request at but there is no guarantee the problem with ever be addressed. The downside of facebook is lack of tech support for issues. Free does sometimes come at a charge.

Make sure you, as the owner or primary of your business is the one that set its up, you can have as many admins as you want, but make sure you are the originator/creator of the page. This holds true for having marketing companies set your page up as well. Pages are not transferable. If you are unsure of how to set up a fanpage, facebook has a tutorial here:

ADDENDUM: Facebook has recently put in the ability to remove the original creator/administrator of the page, unfortunately this opens up the can of worms of that anyone you give admin access to can also delete you as the “owner”.



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4 Responses to Important Information for Facebook Fan Page Business Owners

  1. If one account sets up the Facebook Fan Page, you can transfer ownership by making a new account an admin then deleting the originating account from admin and will have successfully “transferred ownership”

    This of course assumes on has access to passwords and the transition is “friendly.” It doesn’t provide a solution to an unfriendly departure.

  2. Emma Mellor says:

    I recently set up a fan page for my employer. This is because I am the most IT savvy and being a small business I am the one who is always looked to, to deal with IT.

    Should I ever choose to leave my company, I will do whatever I can to facilitate the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the fan page.

    However, I can understand that not all members of staff can be relied upon to be fair.

    • chefforfeng says:

      I appreciate that there are the vast majority of people out there that work for others that are honest and will do no harm so to speak. I admin quite a few pages for clients and this is not something I would normally have thought about except that it just happened to someone I work with.

      One of the additional problems of having an external person set up a fan page for someone else is there is currently no way to transfer ownership of the fan page itself to another person. The only alternative is to try to transfer all the information to a new page and then try to reach out to all the fans the page currently has and request they fan the new one.

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