Adding social networking buttons to blogs

Updated, has added the ability to add share buttons automatically to posts, go to “settings” then “sharing” to select options.

If you want a more extensive share toolbar, use, downside being you still have to click the toolbar button in your browser to add to each post, but it does still give you more options then the ones currently available through


I love wordpress and that’s the version and not the one (yes I know all you techies are going to go “what a shoe”. Well sorry but I don’t particular like security issues and the fact that the installs suck up bandwidth. Blogger is fine as well in my book but I think offers a bit more bang for the buck and, oh wait, there is no buck, it’s free, so I’m not going to carp that the .com version is more limiting in many respects then the .org and you can’t have as many bells and whistles.

My feelings and from what I can see from Google and Bing searches on various blogs, quite honestly it doesn’t seem to matter what platform you use, the search engines love them all if you keyword and tag correctly.

I was curious to see if one could also add social media sharing links to blog posts on, its possible on the .org version as plugins and there are people that have done coding tutorials but I had a hard time finding anything aside from to be able to do this on the .com version. I couldn’t find it in the help section as well but figured there must be a way.

I came across and and a post originating from . I am unable to find the original post but the information originated from there from someone else’s blog, my apologies but could not find the original post I found it on. (Thank you whoever you are)

This is the original code suggests for implementing SM links and images in

It appears the .gif links are still active but wanted to insert my own and also wanted to add twitter (which I don’t know if it existed when he wrote this)

This was my version, please have fun tweeking if need be and please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions. social media linking codes

I had some trouble with the twitter link but seemed to find out what worked and did not work. Two recommendations when implementing the twitter link: use bitly to shorten the link up in advance and also if you have any special characters in the title or the url, specifically & and ” change them when inserting. If the title has either of those two symbols replace (&) with (and) and delete any (“)s. The characters do not translate when posting to twitter. The link won’t work.

This is kind of a pain because you have to insert for every blog post and change the links but have not found any alternatives as of yet. The nomen should be replaced with the name of the post and the addy with the unique url. If you keep a copy in MS word and then just copy it into another new doc and sub the url and the blog title it only takes a minute.

I don’t have a code yet for Linkedin, which I’d like to add at some point, if someone has done one I would appreciate it and will add it in. If you find some links that don’t work, please let me know as well.

post to facebook add to Digg it Stumble It!

Just came across this today on a mashable post it lets you add a toolbar to the bottom of each post I recall coming across this before but I don’t believe it had integration capabilities. (updated 2/20/10)



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10 Responses to Adding social networking buttons to blogs

  1. HOw did you get your “share this” tool bar to show up on your blog? Mine has disappeared and I’d would like to start blogging at my site but know how important this tool bar for connecting with social media. I’ve tried the addtoany stuff and wasn’t sure it was working.

  2. joolsstone says:

    Hi, good advice thanks! I’m looking for a set of SM buttons of an equal size, ideally banner-shaped, that will work well against a black background on my portfolio site. This is for my SM ‘static’ page to link through to my profiles on linkedin, SU, Digg, Flickr etc. I’m a bit scared of html.
    The other colour is orange. My theme is Black Letterhead and the site while still a work in progress is:

    Would you be able point me in the right direction please? Just graphics will do me fine as I’ll put the links in myself to go to my various prof pages.

    Thanks very much 🙂

    • Chef Forfeng says:

      If you just google what you are looking for there, there is a multitude of free image sites out there with what you are looking for. I know mashable lists a variety of resources as well.

  3. jeffkart says:

    addtoany is VERY nice. Thanks a bunch!!!


  4. chefforfeng says:

    Thanks, please let me know and I will add in the info 🙂
    Firefly rocks!

  5. firebear says:

    I just wanted to say thank you again. I have updated about half my blog and am still trucking a long.
    I am looking into Myspace, Friend Feed, and Hi-5 code….
    If I figure them out I will let you know
    thanks again

  6. firebear says:

    Thank you!
    I am looking to add these buttons!
    Can you put this in the CSS or do you have to put it in every post?

    • chefforfeng says:

      You can put it into the css but it will only be for the main blog url, if you want to do it for individual post titles I believe you have to do it individually for every post.

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