The great debate about “branded” amenities, necessity or waste?

There was a recent article about “Do you take home amenities from lodging?” and the blogger admitted that yes he took home soaps and shampoos and the like. Some interesting comments on that article, some people agreeing and some berating him for pilferage. One of the comments on the post mentioned the fact that when people take home your bath amentities, once they are used they are discarded. So………

Are customized branded bathroom amenities essential for a B&B: Soaps, shampoos, skin lotion etc., imprinted with your logo and or name and information?


  • They are branding your business


  • They are not very eco-friendly.
  • They can be expensive to both produce and customize.
  • Once the item is used, soap, shampoo or lotion, the wrapper or container is then thrown away or recycled. The branding value is then gone.

You can brand take home things for guests that can be useful, still offer quality amenities, be eco-friendly and save money long term if you think a little outside of the box.

Install soap and shampoo dispensers in showers, offer luxury (unwrapped) soaps or specialty soaps in wrappers without your personal branding on them.

Think long term branding, every time they use the product, there is a name recognition referral.

While these are not bathroom amenities, these are some products that can enhance long term branding of your business. You commonly see this stuff being used by other types of businesses, but there is no reason that lodging can’t embrace them as well, in place of spending the money on disposables.

Instead of a basket in the bathroom, have one in the main part of the room with a little note encouraging people to take home your “branded” products.

  • Nailclippers with your logo/information on them. No it’s not romantic, but it IS useful, People keep nailclippers forever.
  • Those round plastic grippy bottle openers or slightly smaller pill bottle openers, great for seniors.
  • Eco toothbrushes (yes they wear out eventually, but I still have a branded toothbrush in my travel case from several years ago)
  • Flash drives with lanyards, both branded with your name and information
  • Vegetable peelers
  • Paper clips and for example
  • Food clips
  • Oven mitts
  • Cloth hand/kitchen towels
  • Magnets
  • Office stress balls
  • Check out any online promotional company and think of things that can be not only utilized but some as well that are even more original. The Dove Inn for example could have a bird shaped bottle griper or a pet friendly inn could have a Fido shaped imprinted stress ball.

A case in point of using branded promo items, I have 4 branded flash drives with branded lanyards hanging right next to my desk and 3 stress balls on my desk. On my refrigerator I have 5 branded magnets (one from a B&B and one a calendar from a cake baker) 5 branded jar openers (used frequently) a branded veggie peeler and a couple of branded plastic spatulas and I’ve several dozen branded large size paper clips I use frequently as well.

If you look at the pricing for some customized items, it can be more money then branded bath amenities but if you factor in the lesser cost of not having the branded amenities in the first place the price can be equal to or less then what you are currently spending now. If you look at things like stress balls, clips and bottles gripers the cost per item can be less and people will actually use them…….repeatedly.

If you need some ideas for some things that can be branded, take a scan around your kitchen and office, most small portable useful things can be branded, you just have to source them. You can still offer guests a luxury experience using quality amenities just rethink where you position the branding portion a little bit and you can be eco-friendly as well.

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