Some Facebook Fan Page Tweaks and Tips for Lodging

I’ve only really started messing around with Fan pages and seeing what you can do with them, so hope to have some more tweaks/tips soon, but some of the things you can do so far are pretty neat.

Bring your blog to Facebook, and Facebook to your blog. Supports multiple blogs, RSS and ATOM feeds, and fan/business pages. The best to import your feed. Get your blog networked with the largest blogger community on Facebook.

Guests or future guests can sign up for email updates of your facebook page posts

  • Your profile picture (the main one) is not limited to a standard size, you can upload one with the dimensions of 200 W X 600 H (or smaller)


(One of my very few shameful attempts at self promotion, I can help if you need some graphic design done for a very small fee (and I mean small) BTW, If you have a graphic design person do a custom one for you, it should only take a couple of minutes. Just like having a custom twitter background done for you, don’t let them charge you an arm and a leg.

  • You can insert hyperlinks into the photo descriptions as well.

If you upload your room pictures in an album, example:!/album.php?aid=138104&id=250752865255

  • You can upload a room description and also put in your room reservation/availability link


–hyperlinks need to have a blank space after them to be enabled. i.e hit enter once after the link insertion, for some reason it is not always clickable on viewing, but if you scroll though, the link becomes “hot” again, this is apparently a FB glitch (hey what do we want for free anyway?)

  • I have also been experimenting with trying to integrate the actual reservation engine into the Fan page, I have managed to get a check date into it for Availability online so far but am still tweaking it, next up will be webervations and a few other ones. Needed rez system suggestions appreciated as are guinea pigs to let me play with reservation software insertions.

Please also check out the last post on the mapping pages I did yesterday,

you can also insert the custom Google map pages if you have developed them as well. You could potentially have unlimited tabs (wish to facebook, have a better option then the drop downs on the right for more tabs) with a bunch of custom map links, area attractions, restaurants etc.

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Restaurant Operations:



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