25 Things for any business to blog about (or tweet or for fan page content)

There is some duplication from a previous post that was industry specific, but I was putting together a list that was not industry specific and thought it could be useful just to point out that any type of business can market on Social Media. If it was something you would advertise in any other media venue (including a sign in your store window) you can advertise it on social media.

Blogs don’t have to be long, a paragraph or a few sentences are fine, don’t worry about writing a novel.

  • Use your business name as much as possible in the text and links

~Blog: unlimited space/length limit

~Twitter: 140 character limit (including a shortened link)

~Facebook: 420 character limit

  1. New products, services, specials, rebates, vouchers, offers, packages
  2. Recipes (recipes get one of the highest rates of passalongs in social media, if you’re a retailer, share your Grandma’s killer brownie recipe and make it the next time you have a sale.  It doesn’t matter what business your in. Also Recipe failures with a funny story.
  3. Guest, customer or client comments
  4. Your business in the News
  5. Your business getting an award
  6. One of your employees getting an award, even if it’s of your own creation, i.e. customer service star of the month
  7. Your area in the news
  8. A frequent and Loyal Guest, customer or client in the News
  9. Pictures of your business
  10. Pictures of your employees
  11. Pictures of happy guests, customers or clients with their permission of course and preferably in writing.
  12. Area Events going on, you can also tie this into specials and promotions you are holding
  13. A brief, “we get frequent questions “about” and put in answers.
  14. What does your business do to differentiate itself from the others.
  15. You just found a new product you are using it and love, be it food or a new fabric softener or a new electric cordless drill, describe it and explain why you love it.
  16. Funny Loyal Guest, customer or client stories. *caveat: make them funny and only funny, proof heavily to make sure they are not negative in any way. While a wife may go into the wrong room by mistake in the middle of the night at an inn, may have very amusing consequences, it raises things like don’t they have locks on the doors? (even if you do and point out they didn’t lock them)  etc. etc.
  17. Do some product/area/service specific reviews. You have a couple of apple orchards nearby. Do some write-ups on the apples, do some research on types of apples, link to sources. You carry a particular line of clothing or cordless drills or snow tires, what is special/different/better/unique about them.
  18. A bio of yourselves
  19. Bios of your staff
  20. Interview customers
  21. Interview vendors
  22. Tips: examples: restaurants; a good wine, lodging; cooking/baking tips, realtors: home buying tips, Landscapers: gardening tips, mechanics: car care tips, drycleaners: stain removal tips for every type of business there is always useful information out there that someone can use.
  23. Ask for feedback, from blog readers and from prior Guests, customer or clients. You just went from goose down pillows to memory foam pillows. Ask for some thoughts from people) don’t forget to include the link to this blog article when you do your next email blast.) You just switched from using Redken products to Matrix Biolage in your salon. People love to be able to give feedback and asked what they think, this is an excellent medium for doing that, exploit it
  24. A promotion
  • Come stay during the month of March and get two free ski tickets
  • St. Paddys Day Special, get a complimentary green beer & paddy popcorn with an order of bangers & mash (*must be 21) = 117 characters, still room for using a shortened link
  • Get double points on your Ace rewards card with every hardware purchase the first week of March
  • With a purchase of any Don Fredo jewelry get a free earring cleaning kit
  • Get a full hair coloring treatment and receive a free trim
  • At your next tire alignment get a free oil change
  • New accounting customers get a 10 minute free business analysis

25. A sale

  • Thursday nights are half price appetizers
  • Sale though March 31st on Dunlop All Season Radial Tires, save 20% off
  • All Michealle Leslie tops and slacks on sale $15 off through this Sunday
  • Stay 2 nights get the 3rd night 1/2 Off
  • Two for one wool sock special every Saturday
  • Mini-mart Super Gulps 99¢, 5-6 pm every Monday – Friday
  • Photography special: Book a wedding with us and get an extra set of CD’s with your photos now through May

Customizable model release form can be found here https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/marketing-for-lodging-resources/ under 25 Blogging ideas for Inns and B&B’s in Microsoft word, just replace the “lodging name here” with your business name.

Lodging Marketing:  https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/marketing-for-lodging-resources/

Restaurant Operations:   https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/restauranting/



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