Don’t put all your social media eggs all in one basket (and not for the reason you think)

Nope this post is not about only using one social media network to promote your business. It’s about creating plan B.

Social media is great

Social media is a neat way to market

Social media is free

Caveat: with the free comes some issues. Down time, the Twitter fail whale, Facebook Glitches, etc

If you are running a promotion especially one that’s time sensitive and especially one that you may have paid to be listed online or in print to advertise, make sure you have a back-up plan in place.

An example: you run a Twitter contest, “mention us and get entered to receive a IPOD.”  Two hours into the promo, the fail whale appears…… repeatedly.

While followers are going to understand, for the most part, that social media does have some issues and it may not be the company advertising on it that’s at fault, it can create some negative feedback.

Some of which can stick to you. “Frackin Twitter was down this morning and I missed the chance to win “your business names here IPOD”

Check out Twitter search to see what people were talking about, when Facebook was down (again) on Saturday, I typed in “Facebook” and in under a minute got over 2000 posts on Twitter about people griping that Facebook was down, and in addition a few people in the mix lamenting about they couldn’t get to a certain business, or other fan page on Facebook. Last time twitter was down, I checked the “all posts” on Facebook, same thing.   People griping about twitter being down (and some business names as well) hmmmmmmm

While these comments may not be aimed at you and your business by any means, readers of Twitter search and their own Twitter friend feeds and also Facebook “all people posts” as well,  pick up two things which stay in their subconscious, negativity and your business name.(even if your not at fault.)

A workaround.

If you advertise a promo on Twitter or Facebook (the two that seem to have the most sporadic downtime issues). Have a back up plan and advertise it as so. Post your promo to your blog as well and enable comments, so if Twitter is down people have a backup, you could do this with Facebook promos as well.

You could, in addition, have a landing page for it with feedback on your website, but then you usually venture into the realm of not being free anymore.

A good example of why not linking social network promos can backfire on you and not having a back-up plan in place: This happened last week, so this was where the post idea originated.

An inn I work with did their monthly email newsletter blast last Wednesday, “Become a fan on Facebook and get a $25 gift voucher.”

Email was sent mid-day, approximately ¼ of those emailed have jobs and check their email when they get home from work. It just so happens this happened to be a night when Facebook was having some major connection issues……all evening.

The innkeeper got several emails about, “We want to become fans, but Facebook was awol.”  What about the other several dozen people that apparently (according to his click stats) got people trying to go to his fan page and nowhere could it be found (along with Facebook itself) A learning experience.

Thankfully this was not a major promo part of the email. But unfortunately how many of those people will remember to go back to the email (which may have already been deleted at that point) and remember to fan the page?

At a wild guess probably not many.

If we run this promo again, we will also run a backup plan for people to post a comment on the inns blog, if Facebook is down again (Like it was this past Saturday when I was depending on it to be up so I could take screen shots for a tutorial LOL)

While all of the social media networks have been down including gmail (think the new Google Buzz), Blogger, WordPress etc, the odds of more then one being down at the same time I think is fairly slim, and it probably can not be avoided completely, but at least you can minimize the odds by tying several together for a promotion.

Not to mention it’s better for SEO as well to cross market your promotions.



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