Facebook promotion ideas for lodging

Here’s a few ideas for some promotions you can run on your fan pages to target the dual aim of getting more fans, increasing guest interaction and retention and driving traffic to your website and/or blog and getting people to actually read the content.

Ask them to find information on your website or blog:

You can either reward people by being the first to answer a question or enter the names of replyees into a drawing.

Take some information that can be found on your website and ask people what the answer is or ask multiple questions.

Find some unique things and bits of information on your website or blog and make people search for it.


  • When was your inn built?
  • What time is afternoon tea served?
  • If you have recipes online, what’s the unique ingredient in a particular dish?
  • If you have a photo online that’s a picture of painting, vase or other individual item, Ask the room or location it can be found in.
  • You are redecorating a room, ask them to guess what the new color of the wallpaper or paint is going to be.

Ask people to submit their ideas.


  • You are creating a new signature dish for breakfast and it has eggs, brochette and grilled chapatti bread. Ask for the best catchy title.

Not only will you get some great suggestions, but the winner will be thrilled that you chose their suggestion and of course will talk it about though out their social media stream.

Look more free advertising! More free branding!

Have an Easter egg hunt:

Because blogs are editable, put a small image or icon somewhere in one of your past blog posts, or if you edit your own website or have an accommodating web developer, hide the image somewhere on one of your website pages and ask fans to find it.


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One Response to Facebook promotion ideas for lodging

  1. ade cunliffe says:

    Often ask people about thebarnatholmfirth . co uk when it built, what was it used for originaly etc etc… certainly got peoples attention and a couple of bookings. Its a great way to make people remember your there and why you are there !

    The Barn at Holmfirth, remember kids The Barn is for life, not just for Christmas !

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