20 Blogging ideas for Retail Establishments

(also useful for things to tweet and facebook about)

  1. Write about the products you carry, why do you carry them, some history on them.. You just brought on a line of 700 count flannel sheets from a small local fabric store. You carry a notecard line from a local photographer, talk about them and give some background.
  2. How did you choose your business name and the history behind it.
  3. Talk about something special your store offers, specialty tailoring, personal shoppers, one of your employees or managers has a knack for putting together the perfect outfit or finding exactly what you need for paint colors for your new kitchen.
  4. Customer Comments
  5. Customer Testimonials
  6. Your Shop in the News
  7. A frequent and Loyal Customer in the News
  8. Specials and Sales at your Shop
  9. Pictures of the shop
  10. Pictures of your products and new items
  11. Pictures of your hot sellers with descriptions
  12. Pictures of happy Customers, with their permission and preferably in writing
  13. A brief, “we get frequent questions “about” and put in answers
  14. What does your shop do to differentiate itself from others.
  15. You just found a new product you are using it and love, be it food or a new fabric softener, describe it and explain why you love it.
  16. Funny Customer stories *caveat make them funny and only funny, proof heavily to make sure they are not negative in any way. A story about a customer trying on a size 10 times too large for them (or too small) may be a funny picture and visual, it may not be funny to them or if someone viewing the post was underweight or overweight they might be offended.
  17. Ask for feedback, from blog readers and from prior customers. You just brought in a new line of clothing, just did a store reset or repainted, what do your customers think?
  18. A bio of yourselves and/or your staff.
  19. Tips and tricks from your industry, everyone has something to share. You own a hardware store, X brand makes a better shingle dip then Y brand and this is why you think so. You own a jewelry store, talk about why cleaning fine silver with baking soda is NOT a good idea and suggest some natural low cost alternatives.
  20. Get involved. Your local business association is changing their dues structure. Talk about why you agree or disagree with it. Don’t be snarky or whiny, just state the facts. It can start topics of discussion and puts a personality to who your business is. You may want to avoid hot button topics, but on the other hand, if your store caters to alternative couples or feels very strongly about something you believe in, let your voice be heard.


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