Why Foursquare makes twitter Bed and Breakfast brand monitoring more important then ever.

I monitor keywords on twitter, in the last few months I have noticed more and more people tweeting through foursquare that they are at a particular B&B, many times followed by a comment or two about the B&B.

I track keywords in http://www.socialoomph.com/ for both my own brand monitoring and so I can add lodging facilities to my lodging lists and to monitor what interesting articles are coming out about the lodging industry above and beyond my own daily newsletter reading.

Some of the keywords I track are “innkeepers”, “innkeeping”, “bed and breakfast”.

“B&B” sadly, while it returns about twice the number of actual results as just “bed and breakfast”, also feeds back about 5 times that number in unrelated tweets. Weeding through tweets about BB King and BBC etc are time consuming so I turned that keyword off after a few weeks.

So of the following results, figure twice that number are actually tweeted per week.  This is a compilation of a weeks worth of tweets (minus the results that would have been from B&B keywording and also in other languages)

I removed all the tweets that originated from innkeepers and also journalists and writers. People posting reviews were not associated with the actual content as far as I could find.


@guest I’m at John Doe Inn (address). http://4sq.com

@guest New review: Lives up to the ‘theiving scouse’ stereotype – Review of John Doe Inn http://bit.ly/

@guest Bed and breakfast reviews: John Doe Bed and Breakfast, http://dld.bz #B&B

@guest Bed-and-breakfast reviews: John Doe, New York City – http://bit.ly via @addthis

@guest http://twitgoo.com The front room of our bed and breakfast. Beautiful!

@guest RT @guest Review of John Doe Bed and Breakfast, Nantucket, Massachusetts – http://is.gd

@guest I’m at John Doe Bed and Breakfast w/ @guest. http://4sq.com

@guest I’m at John Doe Bed and Breakfast (address). http://4sq.com

@guest RT@guest l John Doe s Bed and Breakfast is fun and convenient to campus : http://www.websitelink

@guest RT @guest Read about the John Doe House Bed and Breakfast! http://su.p

@guest What is the best New Orleans Bed and Breakfast? http://bit.ly

@guest RT @guest John Doe Bed and Breakfast-Boise Idaho – America’s Favorite Romantic Getaway http://bit.ly

@guest I’m at John Doe Bed and Breakfast (address). http://4sq.com

@guest I’m at John Doe Inn (address). http://4sq.com

@guest my Bed and breakfast review: John Doe Bed and Breakfast: http://dld.bz

@guest http://twitgoo.com The front room of our bed and breakfast. Beautiful!

@guest Had an awesome time at the bed and breakfast last nite! http://4sq.com

@guest Ran away last year, went to a place on Flagler beach called John Doe Inn. What a cool place. Like a spa and bed and breakfast, very quaint.

@guest I’m at John Doe bed and breakfast. http://4sq.com

@guest John Doe bed and breakfast.. So good

@guest Stayed at an amazing Bed and Breakfast in town, KS! http://4sq.com

@guest I’m at John Doe Bed And Breakfast. http://4sq.com

@guest The Innkeeper offered the recipe for the “mexican stratta” they served this morning. I declined. My mom’s was better.

@guest Check this out The Garden Room John Doe B & B Bed and Breakfast http://tinyurl.com/

@guest Hangin at the John Doe Bed and Breakfast. We are saving the “ales”.

@guest I’m at The John Doe Bed and Breakfast, Restaurant and Tavern (address). http://4sq.com/

@guest John Doe Bed and Breakfast: We were spending a couple days on the Big Island, arriving in Kona, driving around… http://bit.ly

@guest @guest – love this tweet – just stayed in the worst bed and breakfast in bristol – John Doe inn – dont go there guys its a dump!!!!

@guest Spent 2 nights at John Doe Inn in Chicago! Big on ambiance & service even though Innkeeper Ralph is just learning. websitelink

@guest @guest we’re shooting at a bed and breakfast – the John Doe Inn – should be fun!

@guest Ok, so how many locks are too many at a creepy (in a west virginia kind of way)…Bed and Breakfast?

@guest I’m at John Doe (address). http://4sq.com

@guest @guest Innkeeper is Japanese lady. Place is very clean, good value, excellent b’fasts. Town is sleepy, quiet, tucked away.

@guest my review of the John Doe Inn Bed and Breakfast in town, Massachusetts: http://www.websitelink

@guest Sounds wonderful! 🙂 RT @guest: Hot tub room! (@John Doe Bed and Breakfast) http://4sq.com/


Even if an inn is not going to use twitter for connecting with guests, networking and marketing, they should be monitoring their brand.  Keyword their name and also the location/town their business is in.

While I see many more tweets aimed at the hotel/motel facilities with unhappy tweeters, there are still a few every week that pop up naming a B&B/Inn and for customer service, I would think it would be important to monitor and respond.

Guests at hotels/motels are griping about dirty linens and rude service people. Guests at B&Bs, when they comment, it seems to be generally something that is a fixable item. “Our room was very drafty” “The coffee was weak or bitter”

I rarely see customer service issues about B&Bs on twitter but to address something like the bitter coffee, maybe its something that should be looked at. Was it a one time thing or do you need a new coffeemaker/brand of coffee.

As well as if you have guests using foursquare and also commenting about your inn, think long term, respond, engage, long term guest retention.

Important for business, sign up and claim your listing on Foursquare http://foursquare.com/businesses/


Lodging Marketing:  https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/marketing-for-lodging-resources/

Restaurant Operations:   https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/restauranting/


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4 Responses to Why Foursquare makes twitter Bed and Breakfast brand monitoring more important then ever.

  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t know!

  2. Sarah says:

    I am foursquaring now, so you musta had to remove all mine!!! LOL

    Interesting post, chef. At the PAII conference the turnout for Mike Merrill was small, yet he is a foursquare/social media guru that everyone should have been listening to., one of the few speakers from outside of our industry at the conference.

    There is a big future in foursquare. I think I’ll try and find some of their stock.

    • chefforfeng says:

      Keep us posted Sarah, if I see anyone checking in I’ll let you know if they mention bed and breakfast in ABQ 🙂 Did you claim your listing?

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