Tutorials for setting up social media

I thought it might be helpful to some of the inns and restaurants I work with, to have a little help with setting up their social media accounts if they have not done them already.

Visual tutorials with comments for setting up twitter, a facebook fan page and blogger and wordpress accounts. I didn’t go into the detail niti-grity of all of them but enough to get one off and running with the must have basics.  http://www.forfeng.com/sm.htm


Lodging Marketing:  https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/marketing-for-lodging-resources/

Restaurant Operations:   https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/restauranting/


About Chef Forfeng

Innkeeping Tip and Tricks: Please check out some marketing ideas for Inns and B&Bs, Blogging ideas, Facebook Tips and Social Media Tutorials https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/marketing-for-lodging-resources/
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2 Responses to Tutorials for setting up social media

  1. Helen Hoke says:

    Hi Heather. Thanks for the email updates. I’m new at
    blogging, facebooking ect. and have found your input
    very useful. I’ve posted a kudos to you on my blog and on facebook w/a link. One of your suggestions was to link with Nutshell. When I started but didn’t continue,
    I discovered that the facebook link set up a personal account for me and I can’t get rid of it. I only want my
    business account. I’ve deactivated the personal acct. more than once but everytime I login it sends me to the personal acct (which reactivates it) and not to the business account. Facebook doesn’t let you use two diff. emails. I’m frustrated. Do you have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

    • chefforfeng says:

      Hi Helen, if you want to get rid of it from your personal profile, go to the top right of your personal page and click applications, this will bring up all the applications that have permissions from your internal page, you can delete the app by clicking on the X to the right. If you have done this already and its not working you could try skipping to the next step and see if it connects.

      If you want to add the app to your fan page, the best walk through is here http://nutshellmail.com/facebook/pages/default.aspx

      I am glad you are finding the posts helpful. Much appreciate the kudos, your a sweetie, Thank you!

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