Quitting Facebook is not an option and why I’m staying

I think the whole Facebook privacy thing is kind of amusing. Perhaps because I have been more of a user of twitter and I am used to the public being able to view what I tweet.

Not being a huge user of the personal side of Facebook, i.e. the most I post are silly mashups of Star Trek and Monty Python and the occasional amusing bon mot I come across online. I don’t post personal pet peeves about clients, neighbors or cheating on tests on it, so I don’t have a problem with it if people see what I post.

Facebook personal is an avenue for me to keep in touch with friends, family, and some clients, that I have no issues with the fact that they might find out I might be a heaven forbid trekkie, and that so is most of my immediate family. I don’t want to lose that means of keeping in touch, as I would have missed a cousin’s graduation pictures or might miss the first video of a new baby taking their first steps.

You are what you tweet and you are what you Facebook.

If people are dense enough to post NSFW comments on Facebook, whether they be job related or no, I’m sorry but my view is you get what you post.

The privacy issue not with standing, even if Facebook didn’t have issues, if you have 300 friends and some are co-workers and oh heavens, your boss, who is to say that someone won’t rat you out anyway, even if it’s “private”.

How many times has one been on the receiving end of an email probably not meant for you, or comments attached that were forwarded, that were not meant for your eyes and ears? Or someone has passed on a juicy overhead comment made to them verbally? How do you control that? You can’t.

I have a Facebook fan page and I admin about 2 dozen accounts for clients.

If I “quit” Facebook, it means I also quit helping both my own business and client’s business and would lose contact with many friends and relatives.

Do the people up in arms about privacy issues really want to stop using Facebook? What if they have business things associated with it?  Isn’t it kind of hypocritical if you don’t use Facebook personal anymore but continue to maintain a fan page?

Or Is it just fun to pick apart Facebook because it’s become such a big part of many people’s lives? Or perhaps they just don’t have anything better to do with their time?

I think what it boils down to is people need to be more careful about what they post online regardless of where it is. If you wouldn’t say it in a roomful of people then don’t post it. Anywhere.

All of these people who are up in arms about privacy issues on Facebook need to take a step back and Google themselves.

The age of the internet means most things are already not private.

With a name, a location and phone number, one can find out a huge amount of information about pretty much anyone.

Where they went to school, where they work and have worked (via Linkedin/Plaxo etc.) and their street address and the fact they run the Moose Marathon every year and their time stats. ……And they wrote some snarky comments about Bed and Bath return policies on a complaint page and really like Piazzos Restaurant, via the 23 check-ins via 4square. ………And they served on the PTO board and the local chamber for 4 years, and hey look, there’s some scanned in newspaper photos of them dressed up in drag for Halloween in the local paper archives online.

With the amount of information freely floating around on the net, blaming Facebook for violating your privacy is kind of like blaming that one extra bite of Death by Chocolate cake for the extra 10 lbs on your waist line.

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One Response to Quitting Facebook is not an option and why I’m staying

  1. Lara Dickson says:

    Good insights, Heather. I’m not quitting FB either, as there is so much more to it than just posting ridiculous things I find online to share with my friends and family. None of us should be under any illusion that FB is anything but a public forum. After all it is FREE to use as a connection and sharing platform. Were it a pay service, then I could have a say about what’s ‘private’ or not. Until then, its an open book with options for privacy that I can control.

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