Why Twitter, Facebook and Blogging needs to be used in addition to Tripadvisor for lodging.

If you throw completely out the window the fact that the core of what makes up social media is about interacting and engaging with customers and potential future customers, lodging needs to do it just for SEO. I have mentioned this several times before and I saw this trend starting last year, long before the search engines ever officially announced it.

Hoteliers, How Are FaceBook & Twitter Working For Ya? http://www.hospitalitynet.org/news/4047347.html made me just roll over and want to throw my hands up in the air in frustration. I actually have a lot of respect for Neil, but don’t agree that Tripadvisor and Tripadvisor only, are God’s gift to lodging.

Now that Google, Bing and Yahoo are picking up and indexing social media links on a daily basis. I see the results of using social media for SEO, as I have my clients all listed in my daily Google alerts I get, and their social media links are getting indexed DAILY.

With the news that Tripadvisor doesn’t like linklove, TripAdvisor defends link policy on Business Listings, not search engine-friendly and Part Two of Four: TripAdvisor CEO explains link policy. Tripadvisor is not doing anything for your SEO. While it may be great for review love, it’s not helping your website get traffic.

If you revert back to the fact (aside from the benefits of using social media for SEO) that Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages and Blogs give you the ability to control the content and the responses to queries, questions or questionables while Tripadvisor only lets you in a limited and highly moderated capacity, you have to weigh which works the best for you.

It is important that lodging needs to pay attention to both Tripadvisor and Social Media.

While I disagree with Tripadvisor listing policy for small B&Bs, as I think its much too expensive among other things, Tripadvisor does have a lot of value to lodging. But I think both venues should be used in tandem and not to the exclusion of each other, which is what some lodging marketers are promoting. Both have value and both should be used and leveraged as much as possible.



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3 Responses to Why Twitter, Facebook and Blogging needs to be used in addition to Tripadvisor for lodging.

  1. Paul White says:

    I always do. I will read 10 reviews before coming to a decision though. “Wisdom of the masses” an all that. It’s pretty unlikely rogue reviewers will have wrote 10 bad reviews so one can generally work out the feelings about a place from lots of reviews.

  2. Paul White says:

    Trip Advisor and all the other ingredients help to secure the bookings and are all important in their own ways, however I believe that TA is the most powerful.

    Social networks help the accommodation providers to be found with helping SEO but TA then secures conversion.

    Here’s a little customer online journey.

    3. BOOK

    Twitter and Facebook are the bait.

    Trip Advisor is the hook.

    Without either we wouldn’t catch fish or have any guests.

    • chefforfeng says:

      I agree that TA is the most powerful for inns/lodging that have “good” reviews, it can also be the most detrimental to places with not great reviews, my point being they should be used in conjunction with each other and not exclude either.

      Too many lodging places I have worked with and also have had discussions with have had issues with TA not taking down fraudulent reviews or not letting them respond as they want to. SM on the hand hand lets you respond, how and when you want to and you alone control it. Yes there is the caveat that you can also be allowed to open mouth insert foot, but most people I’ve spoken with would rather have that option as opposed to having their hands tied. Not everyone reads (or trusts) TA reviews as well. I never do, would rather go on a reco from someone.

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