Does LinkedIn have value for Bed and Breakfasts?

Should you list yourself and your B&B on LinkedIn? Yes!

I don’t really consider LinkedIn social media, more so a networking tool, but it does continue to pop up being listed in the realm of “Social Media”.

LinkedIn has several options, the basic service is free, which is more then what most B&Bs will use it for, and they have a paid option as well, the benefit to paid is minimal at best unless you are going to use it network on it heavily.

While LinkedIn is probably not going to be a place that you will source potential guests from, it does have value in several ways.

It’s a great place to search out potential employees as well as post job openings (this does cost to post a listing) but for the most part, people that are on LinkedIn are not the run of the mill applicants that you would get through posting on Monster or Career Builder.

It’s a great place to source vendors, many vendors have client recommendations on their profiles so you can vet the ones you want to deal with.

Probably the most important reason to list a B&B on LinkedIn is that Google likes it.

Similar to Facebook personal pages, you can make certain information “public” so its viewable to everyone (including the search engines) You can also list your website and several other URLs (website links) If you look at my profile for example: you can see my web-links and a search engine searchable summary of my business is also public. You can change the amount of information you want “public” depending on what options you check mark.

LinkedIn itself also has the option of being able to have your blog (recommended), twitter (not recommended) and slideshare (recommended) feed into your account.

To add your blog link, you will go to edit your profile, down half the page to “add Applications” and then to the app “Blog Link”. The app supports TypePad, Movable Type, Vox,,, Blogger and LiveJournal.

While adding the blog feed into your account won’t help the public SEO factor, it will appear to people that may search you and read your profile, you may get a guest out it long term as an added bonus.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn as well.




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