The best kept secret for lodging marketing on twitter

The best kept secret is there is no secret.

BUT, part of the study I am working on analyzing data from (To date) 1480 lodging businesses that have twitter accounts, more then half of these are bed and breakfasts and small inns, reveal some interesting things.

Key amongst them, was that lodging twitter accounts that spend a few extra minutes conversing with people even per week (even if just conversing with their own industry or network) have twice to three quarter more actual followers (this is discounting properties who have used automated tools to inflate twitter follower/ee counts) then twitter accounts that just send out marketing tweets.

So for all those lodging people that have automated blog feeds and facebook feeds into their twitter accounts, your only really leveraging not even half the marketing power reach that you could be, by spending a couple minutes here and there, by engaging and interacting with some of your followers, even ifs its just to say hello or paying someone a compliment on their newest blog post (which you would never have seen in the first place if you hadn’t given twitter a few minutes of your time.)

Who knows you might learn something new and gain a new potential guest…or ten.



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2 Responses to The best kept secret for lodging marketing on twitter

  1. James McCullough says:

    Suggestion: spell check.
    It’s so disappointing to try to read something you’re interested in, only to be sidetracked by misspellings and bad grammar.
    I like your posts, but remember, the only contact I have with you is through your writing. Poor attention to your presentation is like showing up at an event with your hair uncombed, a dirty sweatshirt and mis-matched socks.

    • Chef Forfeng says:

      Dear James, thank you for the comment, if you would like to spell-check/grammar check my posts it would be appreciated. I have dyslexia, something I don’t generally share with people and spell/grammar check does not always catch things that should be caught. I do try to read and reread things several times prior to publishing, but “reading” something to fix is not so easy as it “looks”.

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