30 Reasons why Innkeepers should be blogging

  1. Blogs give you a place to share information about your inn and promote your services, specials and packages.
  2. Blogs create value for your readers, prior guests, current guests and future guests 24 hours/7 days a week without any cost except your time.
  3. If you can use word processing you can use a Blog, You don’t need special software to blog or need to learn how to use special software to blog.
  4. The search engines will love you if you blog, Blogs are built for search engines and search engines love them.
  5. Blogs are easier (and less expensive) to maintain than a website.
  6. Blogs are a great way to test new ideas and share information about your area, your inn and things that your inn offers.
  7. Blogs are free, there are paid options, but you don’t have to use them.
  8. Blogs give you somewhere to send your Twitter Followers as an alternative to your website.
  9. Blogs give you somewhere to send your Linkedin Connections as an alternative to your website.
  10. Blogs give somewhere to send your Facebook Fans as an alternative to your website.
  11. Blogs give you somewhere to send your email subscribers as an alternative to your website.
  12. Blogs help you build credibility and build your brand awareness for your inn.
  13. Blogs make it easy to track pages and posts read in your blog
  14. Blogs make it easy to share links with other sites, i.e. link to a great local restaurant and their menu for example or a local attraction with a cool picture for a lead-in.
  15. Blogs get comments and engages readers which can result in guest retention and future guest conversion.
  16. Comments on your blog provide great feedback for new services or specials your offering to both past guests and future guests.
  17. Blogs are low risk to get started and high gain if you stick with it, gain being search engine ranking, free advertising and the conversion and retention of guests.
  18. Blogs make it very easy to add new content and edit them if you make a mistake
  19. Blogging keeps a record of what you’ve done so you can see what you have written about or promoted in the past.
  20. You can get ranked ahead of traditional websites with a blog
  21. You can blog when it’s convenient for you and you can update them at your own frequency, You can do it in your pajamas, drinking tea in the garden or sipping a nightcap in the middle of the night.
  22. You can blog on your own without a webmaster or web designer
  23. Blogs are easy to add online polls and surveys to.
  24. Blogs help you builds your online community
  25. Blogs are easy to add images, audio and add videos from Youtube and other media sources
  26. Blogs are easy to add client testimonials to.
  27. Blogs are easy to integrate with Social Media, feed into Facebook and Twitter automatically.
  28. You don’t need a special office, You can do it from home or whereever you have internet access.
  29. Blogs help you advertise your inn while you sleep or when you’re awake
  30. Blogs give you the ability to put your inn in front of a global audience with the cost being nothing but a little bit of your time.



About Chef Forfeng

Innkeeping Tip and Tricks: Please check out some marketing ideas for Inns and B&Bs, Blogging ideas, Facebook Tips and Social Media Tutorials https://chefforfeng.wordpress.com/marketing-for-lodging-resources/
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8 Responses to 30 Reasons why Innkeepers should be blogging

  1. Sarah says:

    Good list Heather! Don’t forget to add that if your blog is part of your website, every keyword rich posts you write will increase new traffic to your website. People who didn’t ever even think about staying at a B&B may consider it after finding you.

  2. Lynda Lerner says:

    Good list, we’ll share this with our Aspiring Innkeeper and Aspiring Interim Innkeeper students when we talk about marketing on the Internet. Most people don’t realize that the more they blog, the more the search engines like it. However, the blogs must be useful to those reading them.

  3. Sharon - Innkeeper says:

    Thanks. That’s a great list. My husband and I have come up with 10 or so…not enough to push us to get started yet but your list may do the trick. They say the first one is the hardest!

  4. Shellie Anne says:

    Excellent list Chef Forfeng!

    And when it is all said and done you can go to one of the many sites like shutterfly and print your blog articles into a nice colorful book. So that is just a cool icing on the cake!

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