Notes and Powerpoint from the November 2010 PAII blogging workshop

This is the powerpoint presentation from the PAII November conference in Nashua, NH on Tuesday, November 16, 2010. I highly encourage innkeepers to at least check out PAII (Professional Association of Innkeepers International.)

For slideshare direct link for powerpoint

Handouts had information from

(with the addition of information for #10) blog directories

Slide 32 of the powerpoint, refers to a handout exercise, the concept being then you can have starter content for at least 8 posts, one per week for 2 months or 2 posts per week for a month.

Write at least two (2) sentences describing each thing.

If you have time before the 15 minutes are up go back and elaborate more information on some or all of them.

  1. Pick your favorite restaurant in the area or a restaurant you like send inn guests to, and write a description about it OR why you like it.
  2. Write a description about a special or package your inn offers.
  3. Pick one shop in your area and write a description about it OR why you like it.
  4. Write the title and description only of one of the favorite things you like to serve for breakfast.
  5. Pick one attraction in your area and write a description about it OR why you like it.
  6. Think of a particular piece of architecture or history of the inn that makes your inn unique.
  7. Think of an area event that goes on every year that draws tourism and you get frequent guests out of it. Dates don’t matter if you can’t remember them, just give the title and brief sentence about what it is.
  8. Think about a recent comment from a guest that meant something to you, i.e  a comment about how nice/pretty beautiful the inn is, a comment about breakfast, how much they enjoyed the meal at the restaurant you referred them to or anything that stood about. Write a description about the comment and if you feel like it, why it was important or stood or in your mind.



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