Q and A with The Old Hen Bed and Breakfast on using social media

Inn Name: The Old Hen Bed and Breakfast

Address: 47150 SE 162nd St, North Bend, WA 98045

Website: http://theoldhen.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/theoldhen

Facebook Fan Page: http://facebook.com/theoldhen

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/tastehope

How long have you been using social media?

June 2006 but we started using it for The Old Hen in fall of 2008 (a few months before we opened)

Of the social media venues out there, which do you like the most?

I love it all! My blog http://tastehope.com is fun, but the conversations I have on Twitter and Facebook cannot be beat.

Of the social media venues out there, which do you use the most?

Twitter and Facebook (for personal, business and blog)

Of the social media venues out there, which do you feel you get the most from in terms in terms of SEO (search engine optimization)?

Blog & Twitter

Of the social media venues out there, which do you feel you get the most from in terms of business and personal branding?

Facebook & blog since I can create more of a mini experience for our guests through video and pictures.

Of the social media venues out there, which do you feel you get the most from in terms of actual ROTI (return on time investment) business?

Hard to say as all give us return in different ways.

How long did it take you to feel comfortable using social media?

Not very long since I had some previous use (we just opened two years ago). Now I always make sure to keep open to new things and try them so I stay up to date.

Do you market your property on social media channels? and if so which ones?

Websites such as bedandbreakfast.com and  our Facebook page has specials sometimes. We depend mostly on our fun pictures and personality showing through to help us connect naturally with potential guests rather than “hard-selling” the inn.

If you use social media for things besides advertising, which ones do you use for other aims, i.e. twitter for making connections rather then advertising or a blog to be informative to guests and future guests.

I use a blog to give to our guests and readers, a personal Facebook for the obvious reasons but sometimes I am surprised by a friend who would like to come to our inn or who help us spread the word about our inn. I love going into everything giving the best to everyone and then being surprised by the blessings that happen to come my way on the journey.

How many hours on average a day do you spend using social media (or per week or per month)?

More than I care to admit, even to myself. 🙂

Do you feel the time you have spent using social media has been worth it? And why?

Yes! I’ve met so many wonderful friends and as I stated above, I have received back so many surprises of lovely guests who have become supporters of ours. Even out-of-country guests have told us they plan on bringing their spouse with them on their next business trip.

Please add any other comments you think are relevant.

If someone were just starting with social media, I would say be real. Don’t take things too seriously but do stay close to your brand. If your inn is cute, post cute pictures and chat in a cozy “voice”. If your inn is classy, post stunning pictures and keep conversation a bit proper. You get the idea. I’d also recommend keeping your user names short and consistent from website to website. Lastly & most importantly, be real to who you are and care about people. Social media is heavy on the social and less about the media!

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