Q and A with White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast on using social media

Inn/B&B Name: White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast

Address: 178 Main St, Freeport, Maine 04032

Website: http://www.whitecedarinn.com.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/whitecedarinn

Blogs: http://whitecedarinn.blogspot.com

Facebook Fan Pagehttp://www.facebook.com/whitecedarinnbnb

How long have you been using social media?

5 years

Of the social media venues out there, which do you like the most?

Blogging & our newsletter.

Of the social media venues out there, which do you use the most?


Of the social media venues out there, which do you feel you get the most from in terms in terms of SEO (search engine optimization)?


How long did it take you to feel comfortable using social media?

The blogging and newsletter came pretty naturally as writing is a comfortable medium for me. Facebook and Twitter took much longer because it feels like it is crucial to be ‘cutting edge’ in those venues. ‘Lead or be led,’ that sort of thing. The blog and newsletter are chatty and do not have to be ‘bleeding edge’ to be interesting.

Do you market your property on social media channels? and if so which ones? if not, why not? Meaning do you post your specials and offers on twitter/facebook/blog etc, do you not do it at all or do you mix it up with personal and other information?

We have offered specials on Twitter but not on Facebook as yet. We’re looking at possibly doing some Facebook-centered offerings this year. Most of our packages will be out on Facebook this year. Our blog contains mostly places to go, recipes, photos and short stories of happenings at the inn. We do mention specials in our newsletter.

If you use social media for things besides advertising, which ones do you use for other aims, i.e. twitter for making connections rather then advertising or a blog to be informative to guests and future guests.

The blog is essentially a conversation, albeit one-sided, with our guests. I try NOT to ‘sell’ on the blog, but just inform. Our newsletter is another avenue for letting guests know what’s happening when they’re not here. Many reply back to let us know what they’re doing and to ask about specific events coming up. Facebook is where I post day to day happenings, share events and destination things to do that I think might interest guests. I try to ‘sell’ only occasionally, if we have a cancellation or something like that. That will change when we start posting specials and packages.

How many hours on average a day do you spend using social media (or per week or per month)?

With all of the different sites I’m on during the course of a day, I’d hazard a guess it’s up to 3-4 hours. (Yikes!)

Do you feel the time you have spent using social media has been worth it? And why?

Most of it has been useful because of the connections and friendships I’ve made with other innkeepers, bloggers and with the guests. Some of it is a plain old time-suck, though!

Of the social media venues out there, which do you feel you get the most from in terms of business and personal branding?

The best branding for my target market comes through the blog and newsletter. Facebook has been picking up a bit lately, but most of my guests have told me they are not interested in Facebook. The shift has been slow, but I do see it coming. More guests who make a reservation then go ‘like’ our page. And we see guests’ names showing up after they’ve checked out as well.

Of the social media venues out there, which do you feel you get the most from in terms of actual ROTI (return on time investment) business?

The most return in the form of reservations or interaction with guests comes from the blog and the newsletter. Those are the two places where I can most easily help guests plan their vacations by letting them know what’s happening and find out what they need.

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