A few lodging twitter statistics for 1902 inns, B&Bs, hotels and motels

I find twitter endlessly fascinating and I love excel spreadsheets, so it’s only natural that lists I make get analyzed.

I did this a few months ago and only posted the results to twitter and it was only for Bed and Breakfasts.

I thought I’d redo it again as a blog post using all the list data I have from both hotels. motels and B&Bs/Inns. I’ve tried to weed out any that were not in fact lodging as many lodging lists apparently mistakenly list anything with “inn” in the title as a lodging establishment as opposed to a pub or restuarant, so I am only using my own self generated lists for this.

 Some interesting statistics:

Some early lodging adopters of twitter, since 2007 (in consecutive order)

  • @allanjenkins
  • @Horizonte24
  • @wombats
  • @romebb
  • @ThomasShepInn
  • @Stowemeadows

An analysis of 1902 hotels, motels, B&Bs and Inns:

  • 152 don’t have bios filled out
  • 128 don’t have their websites listed
  • 60 don’t have their location information listed
  • 2 have their URLs listed as shortened links using Bitly
  • 48 have their URLs going to their blogs
  • 2 have their URLs directed to other twitter accounts
  • 9 have their URLs directed to Facebook Fan pages
  • 1 has their URL directed to Youtube
  • 381 have not tweeted since last December 31st (2010) or prior
  • 18 have accounts but have never tweeted

Most telling to me is of the 497 that haven’t tweeted since the end of February this year (2011), 390 have tweeted less then 100 times and 44 less then 200 times.

The biggest takeaway I get from this is many of the feet dabblers aren’t really giving it a chance to use it and get value from it.

As well as of the 128/152 that don’t have bios and URLs filled out, more then half have been tweeting for a while so they need to fill out their information.

I find it interesting that some lodging is experimenting with their URLs pointing to other social media links.

More information to follow next week.



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