5 Tips for getting more bookings using good phone skills

This falls into the category that many B&Bs have of, “I know I should be doing this” but……………

A few slides about this starting on page 18 of Offline marketing in a digital age http://www.slideshare.net/Forfeng/offline-marketing-in-a-digital-age with some additional tips and the worksheet http://room-swap.com/heather-turner/201-offline-marketing-in-a-digital-age

Ask yourself this? Do my phones skills need some work? Am I asking the right questions of guests and potential guests?

Ask yourself and keep track of your progress:

Answering machine/voice mail message

Developed? __________ In Use? __________

Effective? __________Needs Work? __________

Telephone script for incoming calls.

Developed? __________ In Use? __________

Effective? __________Needs Work? __________

Telephone script for returning calls and voice mail.

Developed? __________ In Use? __________

Effective? __________Needs Work? __________

Telephone Cheat Sheets

Developed? __________ In Use? __________

Effective? __________Needs Work? __________

Key Points for Phone Calls

  1. SMILE! when you answer the phone! Take a minute to put on your happy face before picking up the phone! More sales are lost in the first 5 seconds of a call, if the voice the potential guest hears when you pick up the phone is rushed, impatient or short/grumpy. Take that couple of seconds and BREATHE! before picking the phone up.
  2. Beta test your answering machine or voice mail message. Do certain questions asked get better response rates then others? Try different ones and keep track of what works and what doesn’t
  3. Use those post it notes! Have a special event, festival or interesting thing to do in the area? Post it by all of your phones, mention it when people call.
  4. Have your cheat sheet at all your phone locations. Cheat sheets should contain not just local attraction, dining and things to do information, but specials, offers or add-ons you want to push. You just got in two flats of organic strawberries from the local farmers market? Push it!!! Post its are great memory joggers and anything to nudge you to upsell is always a good thing.
  5. Don’t let them get away! Those fishing calls that enquire about rates and say they will call back. Get their phone number or email and follow up. Don’t be shy. Find out WHY people are going elsewhere. There will always be the best rate fishers but if its for fixable reasons, i.e. the inn/hotel down the road offer XXX and its in your ability to offer that as well, look into it!



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