Foodily, a New Recipe Site that Bed and Breakfasts should get their blogs listed on

A  recent Mashable article: Recipe Search Engine Gives Any Recipe a Nutrition Label for a fairly new site called Foodily: may be of interest to Bed and Breakfasts.

From Mashable: “You could plug each ingredient into the USDA’s national nutrient database, do some conversion equations to reflect the amount of each ingredient called for, add up the sugar, fat and other health factors, and then compare the results.But startup recipe search engine Foodily is now offering to do this for you — automatically”

Now many B&Bs are putting their recipes on their blogs.

If you look at, You will notice there is a hotlink to the originating blog/site of the recipe, as well as a link back near the top of the page, plus a Facebook plugin, so people can comment on the recipe and it will post to their Facebook wall, with a link back to the foodily page.

One of the reasons I like this setup is Foodily is NOT including the recipe preparation, so if someone wants to try the recipe, they need to visit the actual blog post it was listed on.

So not only do you have a photo of your breakfast item, a recipe that basically forces the viewer to visit your blog for more information, but two hotlinks TO your blog, as well some nutritional information compiled for free, and the Facebook tie in for further promotion for your B&B.

If you’d like to get your blog or site indexed by Foodily, please send a note to

A note from Shannon Rubado, the Community Manager  at, was nice enough to let me know that their  goal is to have all sources available in the Foodily index, but that will take some time. Right now, they have a queue of sites to be added as sources, so send her your links to get indexed and they will happily add them to the queue.



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4 Responses to Foodily, a New Recipe Site that Bed and Breakfasts should get their blogs listed on

  1. That sound great – have to take the time to visit …… Thanks for the tip !!! Saw it on your Twitter @forfeng

  2. You have some very good content and idea’s. I will definately take advantage of some them.

    • Chef Forfeng says:

      Thank you, I hope you find it to be helpful. Please let me know if you have any things in particular you are looking for and I would be happy to research them if I don’t have the information for it. Cheers!

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