Guest Post: Does your guest house (or Bed and Breakfast) website strut or sell?

by Shaun Lindbergh

The answer could be worth many thousands to your business.

Definitions (just so we are on the same page)

  • Strut: to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others.
  • Sell: to offer for sale

80% of accommodation websites
DO NOT sell. Period.

In fact most accommodation websites make reservation really tough.

Where is the BUY BUTTON?

Hidden at the bottom of the menu bar? Hardly ever on the home page! Is it on the contact page or the rates page? Where is the logic? Where are the priorities?

Who is your customer?

Here are three things you ought to know about the customer who visits your website. By the time most people arrive at your website …

  • The location question has already been answered! They are coming to your area. Are you in their “hot zone”? Why should they come to you? That‟s what they want to know.
  • They are ready and willing buyers of “a bed and a room of a certain quality at an appropriate price for a certain duration at a time of their choosing” Quality, Price and Timing; that‟s all they want to know. Do you fit their bill?
  • They want you to make it easy for them to love you! The easier you make the process, the more they will love you. Simple, make it easy!

And here’s one thing you must avoid, or suffer the ruthless consequences of internet shopping!

Do not irritate them!

What irritates a visitor? The same things that irritate most of us; wasting our time!

Offer them too many clicks and confusing options and 90% of visitors are history! That’s ruthless.

The Problem with Website Designers.

“Strutting Strokes the Ego but Selling Creates the Turnover.”

Given half a chance most graphic designers will show the world how talented they are. They will stroke your ego (and theirs) for a price … but it could cost you a fortune.

Strutting is complicated, selling is simple! (Just compare the definitions!)

So get yourself a website that struts well and, above all else, sells like crazy.

Shaun Lindbergh has been involved in the guest house and lodge industry for over 25 years. He he has owned and managed two lodges and currently has development rights for a third in a stunning nature reserve near the Southern Tip of Africa

His blog aims to help guest house owners to maximize the benefits of their marketing campaigns.

Follow him on twitter at @GuestHouseCoach



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