Inns, HOW TO get the Recommend This Place box on your Facebook Fan page

As of last month, Facebook added a Recommend This Place to Fan pages, initially it was just supposed to appear to local audiences to your business, but it appears now to be a universally available recommend box on a businesses fan page if the page is integrated with the business’ place page.

If a recommend this place does not appear on your fan page, find your place page by searching in the Facebook search bar at the top. If your business does not currently have a default place page, go to and create one.

Step two is to make sure the address on the place page and on your fan page matches each other.

Step three is to go to your places page (it appears that the old claiming system for claiming pages is now inactive) and go to the left to the link that says “Add to My Page” a box will appear asking you which fan page you would like it to attach to.

It appears to take about 15-20 minutes (as long as the addresses match) for Facebook to verify and integrate the fan page and the place page.

At this point, you should see a box appear on the right hand side of your Fan page with a Recommend This Place box.

Unlike just liking a page, which will only show up as a brief link on the internal “likers” wall. Recommendations show up on the Fan Page wall to the right of the main column and internally to the “likers” wall with a photo snippet, a link and the recommendation.

This increases the chances for both viewers of the “likers” wall to see the post and the additional possibility of more engagement.

If your Fan page already has this feature enabled, I would highly recommend that you start taking advantage of this feature and encouraging fans to write recommendations.

If you want to push this one step further, recommend your own business and have it appear on your internal wall to get more of your current “friends” to fan your page. When Facebook went from sending an email to friends to fan your page to “suggesting” it on the right hand side, it became much harder to get people you are already connected with to “fan” the page. This is especially important for brand new fan pages just getting started.



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18 Responses to Inns, HOW TO get the Recommend This Place box on your Facebook Fan page

  1. I was able to put this Recommendation section on our fanpage but now we can’t see our fans that have liked our page ? Do you know where that list of our fans goes please ?

    • Chef Forfeng says:

      Hi Clifford, in your admin panel on the left side, there is a box that now says “get more likes” and next to it is “see likes” if you click on that you’ll get the pop up list.

  2. Daisy says:

    Hello, could you tell me do you need to own the place page to merge the place and fan page? I can not see the add this to my page button? I have been trying to sort this out for months and am at a total loss! Any help would be massively appreciated.

    • Chef Forfeng says:

      Daisy, are you looking for Down at the Social? I don’t find a places or Fan page for it, can you give me the links so I can see if I can help? Thanks 🙂

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