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Something to note for Bed and Breakfasts before they start digging into this post: the average B&B fan page has under 200 fans.

This is in line with the average small business fan page from what I can find in scoping out other online businesses on Facebook.

Unless your Coca-cola or a big name brand, don’t feel depressed if you don’t have bazillions of fans. Fan pages,  like twitter, take time.

It’s not the size of your fan base, it’s the technique that matters. Apologies for the bad pun, but it’s totally appropriate. If you have more then 100 fans and your posting at least once a week, your doing great! Keep up the good work! Building a fan page takes time and it doesn’t happen over night.

This list is compiled from 1026 Bed and Breakfast fan pages I have been coming across over the past year. Criteria for being on the list, is that the Fan page has been updated regularly and recently and not be just posts from the inn, but also demonstrates some fan engagement. As well as posts being personal and not just about the “pitch”.

I did come across about a dozen B&B fan pages with high fan counts but little or no engagement with fans. Generally this indicates fans were “bought” or attracted with Facebook ads or other media. Un-engaged fans = Zero ROTI (return on time investment).

Keep in mind. The fan that you engage with today may not, and probably won’t be, a guest tomorrow, but the odds of them being a guest or referring you to a friend or relative down the road is a high probability.

I look at Facebook as a Guest retention platform with the ability to attract new potential guests as an added bonus. Don’t expect instant returns on Facebook or any other social media, especially for lodging. You are posting on Facebook not just for the fan engagement and retention value, but also for SEO (search engine optimization) value.

I’m only using examples of inns with a large number of fans as examples because they are good examples of inns using FB consistently for a period of time. There are many, MANY up and coming B&B Facebook pages out there with fewer fans, but they as yet don’t have track records to use for consistent posting examples.

The list is to be used for viewers to glean ideas and examples from, and for examples of the fact that yes, B&Bs can get larger fan numbers, it’s not just for hotels. It’s not meant to be taken that these are the “best” of, only that they peeked my interest for assorted reasons.

If you have found a B&B or have a B&B that has some good examples that others can learn from, please leave them in the comments, I always appreciate the extra input and so do others.

Alley-McKay House Bed & Breakfast Inn An example of a B&B with a good usage of their photo albums

Andon-Reid Inn Bed and Breakfast They have their Tripadvisor reviews feeding into FB as well as Deals for fans

Berry Manor Inn A Beautiful rooms tab and a nice custom review and comments tab

Big Mill-a North Carolina Bed and Breakfast A great example of fans posting their own individual posts not just comments or likes on inn posts.  I think this is interesting, a write a review tab   as well as the free Gift tab, a nice incentive (a recipe) for liking a page

Bishop Farm Bed & Breakfast and Cottages another example of fans posting their own individual posts not just comments or likes on inn posts. Also check out their video page

Brewster Inn Dexter Maine A great idea for lodging is to have their marketing materials available for download in an album, check out

The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast I like their little FAQs page, while not a lot of info, it is key information

The Davie School Inn Another example of guests and past guest actually posting commentary and not just in answer to the inns posts.

Elkhorn Inn & Theatre Has a nice use of their events section and an excellent use of their albums

Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast Love their culinary tips

Korner Kottage Bed and Breakfast I love their wall, they post a lot, a la twitter actually but their fans are paying attention, if you look through the number of comments and likes, it’s not the same people commenting/liking every post.

LimeRock Inn An example of using the info tab (mentioned in the comments below the list) to add additional links like to their blog and a link to Tripadvisor (missing their twitter link though so far)

Rittenhouse Inn A nice use of the notes tab while not a lot of them, its still a feature that many inns don’t take advantage of.

Scarborough Fair Bed & Breakfast has availability tab integrated into the site and has some nice descriptions on their rooms album, for example:

Strawberry Creek Inn Bunkhouse & B&B Ok so I’m biased, I love these guys, they are a trip on twitter as well. Not afraid to be opinionated (on twitter at least) but that’s part of the charm to me. Nice fan engagement with fans posting their own individual posts not just comments or likes on inn posts.

Some notes and suggestions on many of the B&B fan pages I have come across, including some things some of the above links could do/take advantage of:

-The Info tab lets you enter multiple URL links, so don’t just add your webpage, so if you have a twitter account, a blog or other links, ADD them!

-Photos at the top are not optimized for viewers, every time you add new photos, the new ones show up across the top of the strip. If you hover over the photos an X will appear, this gives you the ability to delete photos from the strip. (you are not deleting photos from your albums) but if you have key photos make sure that the viewer can see them and that it looks appealing.

-Tab photo is just a standard photo, this placeholder, the image to the top left, gives you the option of inserting a photo, a graphic or photo collage of at least 200 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. Some examples here:

-Not taking advantage of the Notes tab for posting additional information. Example:

-Urls to website and other links are not checked, I came across several dozen where the weblinks were in incorrectly. I find this quite a bit on twitter profiles as well.

-Not optimizing photo text. You can put an unlimited amount of text in your photo descriptions, including links. Example here

-Not claiming their custom URL, over 25 fans and you can claim a custom shortened URL at

“Inn Your Facebook” title suggested by Phil in West France



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14 Responses to Inn Your Facebook, Bed and Breakfasts on Facebook

  1. We have made several changes to our inn’s Facebook Page including a landing page, reveal tab and a large photo side banner at Thanks for including the information and tips in your blog.

  2. Chloe Tuttle says:

    thanks again, Heather! when I check Big Mill B&B on Google tonight the last entry on Page 1 was reference to this article you did about Inn Your Facebook and Google + was there too. YEA

  3. I agree with Sarah’s comments above. I also have been neglecting my Facebook activity and my Twitter activity during the last month. Nice wake-up call! Thank you.

  4. Great post Heather, Lots of good FB food for innkeeps to digest. I have neglected my social media lately…and this is the kick I needed.

  5. Roland says:

    Very interesting thank you. Would be good to be able to analyse people’s motives for being fans of a page too. A sizeable chunk of mine are also fans of 1,000s of other B&B pages so I guess they may be doing a similar article to yours or they might even be waiting to spam a page!

    • Chef Forfeng says:

      That’s a really good question about finding out the motivation to fan a page (food for thought). Be interesting to run a poll on that.

      That’s kind of interesting about your fans, generally the spammers don’t seem to fan one industry in particular, it may be they just really like B&Bs or they are doing market research themselves (have not seen anything yet about B&Bs but will keep you posted if I come across something)

  6. Chloe Tuttle says:

    Thanks for including us (Big Mill B&B) and a BIG THANK YOU for all the suggestions…Charting the Social media waters can be daunting.

  7. Linda Munro says:

    Thank you for mentioning Korner Kottage Bed and Breakfast in your blog. I do work hard to engage guests and prospective guests just by adding a little info frequently to our Facebook page. Thanks for noticing and commenting. We appreciate it.

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