Why Bed and Breakfasts need to have an elevator speech.

As a B&B owner you know you never have to stop marketing. Whether it be online, offline or in person, you always need to have your sales hat on.

Some B&B owners may find that something they can improve on is their elevator speech, also known as the elevator pitch or 30 second commercial.

It’s known as an elevator speech, because the idea being you want to get what you do, who you are, and what’s so special about your business over to a person, in the time it takes to get into an elevator with them and go up or down several floors. An elevator speech can be more than 30 seconds, but the more you condense it and refine it, the more impact-full it will become.

Why develop an elevator speech?

Because people forget who you are in the blink of an eye, unless you make an impact or spark their interest right away. While you might exchange business cards, a lasting impression is more likely for them to A. save your business card and remember something about your B&B and B. mention to someone else that they met a really nice innkeeper recently and pass along something they remember to someone else who may become a future guest.

You never know when you are going to run into someone who might be a potential guest or someone who will pass along your information to a potential guest, so it’s best to always be prepared.

As an example: You are in a grocery store, its busy, you strike up a conversation with the person on-line behind you. In an airport or on an airplane, a casual conversation starts between you and your seat mate. (make sure a business card gets out there to whomever you’re talking to and you have them on you AT ALL TIMES)

An example of a needs to be improved elevator speech:

I own Jane Doe Bed and Breakfast in Lakeville, CT, we have 8 bedrooms and 2 suites and we take dogs and have romantic packages.

 A better elevator speech:

I own a historic award-winning bed and breakfast in the heart of beautiful Litchfield country that makes it our goal in life to give guests that travel with pets the most romantic lodging experience of their lifetime.

Key to elevator speeches, make people ask questions and want to know more.

Where is Litchfield county? Most romantic experience? And with pets? What awards? Tell me more………………………

Questions to ask yourself in perfecting the perfect elevator speech.

  • Who are you? As an innkeeper
  • What is the most interesting thing about your B&B?
  • Why would someone want to come and stay with you?
  • What does your B&B offer that’s unique and special?
  • #1, what can you add to it that WILL make someone ask questions?

I met an innkeeper at a conference a few years ago who is a world traveler, and she said ironically enough the best mini networking and business card exchanging she has done, that has gotten the best results, has been in women’s airport and tourist information kiosk bathrooms. I would imagine you would have to start a conversation like that casually but if you think about it, you’re targeting travelers who are potential B&B stayers if not now perhaps down the road.

Refine it, rewrite it, tweak it. Have a few different ones developed for different situations.

The key to a great elevator speech is you are not hitting a person over the head with your marketing message, instead you are sparking their interest and engaging them in conversation so they will remember you and your inn.



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One Response to Why Bed and Breakfasts need to have an elevator speech.

  1. Great idea – it can also be used when you are talking to potential guests over the phone – even tho’ people have looked at my web site, they may still need a little coaching. The idea of an elevator speech can be also used when you are at an event and asked to stand up and introduce yourself – it helps you to make sure you cover all the important points

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