Developing a Media Kit for your Bed and Breakfast

Do you have a media kit developed for your B&B?

If not, you might want to consider making one up and in addition, putting it online.

There are several reasons to do this. When reporters or travel writers do a piece for a publication, whether it is online or offline, they sometimes have a limited window of time to gather other information about the business they are writing the story on.

Having it online not only helps give a writer easy access to your information, but can also help your SEO (search engine optimization) as it’s giving the search engines additional content.

You never know when you’ll need to send information to the media and have it all together FAST. You may want to launch a PR campaign or answer a HARO (Help a Reporter) Query for example or you may be stalking (kidding) some journalists on twitter and happen to engage one’s interest.

Much of this information you may already have together on your website or your printed literature, but its a good idea to consolidate this information in advance so you don’t have to scramble to put it together when a request is made.

Things to put together online for an online media kit:

  • High resolution photos of your inn, exterior and interiors, some food shots (make sure they are your own food photos and not stock photos) photos of the innkeeper (s) and any area attractions or points of interest relevant to the inn. (see note at bottom) If you had a professional photographer take your photos make sure you have usage rights or let the media person know if they need to give a photo credit.
  • Biographical profile, i.e. about your past, schooling, if you had another profession prior to innkeeping, etc.
  • Biographical feature story (highlight yourself/yourselves) What made you want to become innkeeper(s) etc.
  • Inn description: describe your inn, What type of inn, are you Victorian? Modern?
  • Area description: what makes the area your B&B is located in attractive to guests? Is it by a lake with boating activities? 10 minutes away from a ski area? Home to a large number of local antique stores? etc.
  • History of the inn if there is one? Was it a former boarding house? Private home? Built specifically for B&B use?
  • Awards or commendations. Include relevant web links if applicable.
  • Specifics: (in Bullets) number of rooms, price ranges, pet friendly? Kid (or not) friendly? Offer dietary choices? i.e. glutenfree, vegan, vegetarian? Any special amenities? In-room massage? Area discounts to specific attractions or restaurants.
  • Contact information including innkeeper’s names, B&B physical address, website URL, email address, any other relevant online links i.e Youtube address. Facebook Fan Page address etc. (putting all your contact information in one place is very convenient for a writer, so they don’t have to go searching for it. (caveat, if you have a Facebook fan page and haven’t updated it in 6 months, don’t list it. If the writer uses the information and future/potential guests go there to check it out, it doesn’t look good. )

Note for #1: For photos, make sure you save the files with a descriptive file name so identification is easy both on your end and the end user, i.e. Sunrise Bedroom, Front Yard Gazebo, Grand Marnier Walnut Muffins, etc.

You have two options for sharing the files, either put high resolution JPEG files into an easily found and accessed folder on your computer and send using:

Free File Sending Services

Or store copies of the photos online and have the link available to send to the media person. This is not a link I would make publically available on your site though as people may snag the files for use. Have the link be request only or offer it in an email exchange.

Free File Hosting and Sending Services



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