Bed and Breakfast Marketing and Operations Resource Sites and Forums

I have had more then a few innkeepers ask me for a list of sites I read regularly, have bookmarked and find useful for information for innkeepers on, and decided to finally put together a list.

Unfortunately many of the sites and blogs out there dedicated solely to B&Bs are either offline (many for good) or they have not been updated in a year plus, with a relatively few number of posts on them. After much web browsing, I found not much more in the way of online resources written specifically for B&Bs either, that are not mass marketing articles written by non B&B people, people with no experience in the industry or link farm articles.

There does seem to be a dearth of Hotel marketing blogs out there, but as B&B people know, there is a vast divide between hotel marketing and small lodging marketing. Some of it is applicable and I listed several at the bottom of the post that are crossovers, but most are not.

B&Bs just can’t afford to spend $15,000 a month for a piece of software or a social media monitoring system, unless of course it can make breakfast, answer the phone, never take a day off, change the linens for 8 rooms, as well weeding the flower beds and chatting up potential guests on twitter. Hotel software pitchers, please notice the sarcasm here!

I am neither endorsing or recommending these resources but only listing them, as I have found they have provided useful and helpful, marketing and other operational advice to B&Bs.

Blogs and Sites: B&Bs

Many (but not all) of the articles in here are written by innkeepers

About the Inn

From Scott at the Brewster House B&B

On twitter @AboutTheInn

Acorn Internet

On twitter @AcornInternet

The B&B Coach

Susan from 40 Bay StreetBed & Breakfast

On twitter @TheBBCoach

Bed and Breakfast Academy

From Karen at Hopton House B&B

On twitter @HoptonHouseBnB Innkeepers Resource Library

(unfortunately it seems like the PDFs in this link are AWOL)

Blizzard Internet

On twitter @bnbedition

Forfeng’s Blog: Resources and Marketing for Lodging

On twitter @forfeng (yes that’s me 🙂

Guest House Coach

On twitter @GuestHouseCoach

The Innkeeping Blog (from PAII)

On twitter @paiiceo

Inn Marketing

Lay My Hat (contributed by @latreille24) and

Sage Blossom Consulting

Quantum Hospitality Blog

This hasn’t been updated since they moved to Florida, I hope Howard does start writing again, because there are some great articles in the Archives.


Innspiring Forums (these are public, so if you do jump in the conversation you may want to be cautious about what information you put in your personal profile, especially if you are discussing past guests.

PAII forums (you do have to become a PAII member but especially for new/beginning innkeepers, the forums alone are worth the membership price)

Linkedin Groups

While these are primarily aimed at hotels, there is enough cross-over where the posts can be applicable to B&Bs as well and some of them Do work with B&Bs.

Alain Classe (visit the categories across the top)

On twitter @AlainClasse

Are Morch

on twitter @AreMorch

Daniel Edward Craig

On twitter @dcraig


On twitter @iVisitorGuide

Review Pro

On twitter @reviewpro

If you have come across additional sites that you have found helpful or even particular or specific articles, please let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list. Thank you and Cheers!


About Chef Forfeng

Innkeeping Tip and Tricks: Please check out some marketing ideas for Inns and B&Bs, Blogging ideas, Facebook Tips and Social Media Tutorials
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6 Responses to Bed and Breakfast Marketing and Operations Resource Sites and Forums

  1. B & B Exmoor says:

    Thats a very useful list indeed Chef!! As an upcoming B&B owner i hope to assimilate the knowledge from those blogs you ve mentioned. I am working on mine as well but i guess its gonna take a while before you even think of visiting my blog. Just kidding…. great write up indeed.

  2. Many thanks for including me! I write from personal experience as a bed and breakfast owner – and try hard to make the majority of information appealing not only to people who are considering starting a B&B, but those also in the business. I am so glad to see that you did include yourself – you are a source of great information for use by bed and breakfast owners!

    • Chef Forfeng says:

      Hi Susan, thank you for the comment, I actually almost didn’t include myself as it seemed a tad promotional but the idea behind the blog is to be helpful/useful so…….:)

  3. Tammy Doriot says:

    Thank you for the list. I have been to almost all of these sites at one time or another. Where I am learning the most these days though are the forums at PAII and LinkedIn. I do love About the Inn’s blog posts too. There simply is no easy answer to every question.

    My FAVORITE blogs are Acorn-Is and yours (chefforfeng) right here. Both are written on often and about the latest buzz for Innkeepers. I can’t tell you how much I so appreciate it.

    • Chef Forfeng says:

      Thank you Tammy, I personally find Acorn’s and Scott’s very useful for the tech side of things, especially as I found they try not to get “to” technical in their explanations, which makes it easier for people to understand and implement.

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