Inns: HOW TO use the Use Page As feature to promote your fan page

For those of you not familiar with this feature, you can get to it by logging onto your business fan page and to the right hand side is a link that says, “use Facebook as “your business”, If you click on that and then navigate to other business pages on Facebook you can both “like” the other business’ page and comment on it as well.

Unfortunately Facebook only lets the liked page know you liked it, and it is not viewable to other people who also may visit the liked page.

You can set a liked page as a featured like on your own Fan page, but it doesn’t help lead business from one page to another per se.

There are several ways you can use this feature though, to both advertise specials and offers you might have, as well as to leverage viewers from one page to another and to engage with possible future guests.

Based on Google Analytics reports I’ve run on testing this on B&B fan pages I admin, you can get a significant number of clickthroughs to both your fan page and your website and or other target URL.

I’ve found while about 80% of the follow throughs to the fan page don’t fan the page itself, they do click through to your website or other medium, i.e a blog or special landing page, caveat unless the last post on your fan page itself is interesting enough to grab the viewers attention and then they will generally fan your page as well.

Using it to promote events, specials and packages:

Most states have state run organizations with fan pages, as well as there being news outlets, area magazines and other related fan pages relative to a specific area.

Many of these don’t mind if you post a link with a small blurb on it as long as your not being overly pitchy about it, but it is always a good idea to ask in advance if it’s ok.

This works well for both getting the attention of A. vendors (who you may possibly want to use and connect with) B. Other businesses (that you may want to partner with) and C. Potential guests and/or repeat guests.

I would stay away from posting information like this on other businesses pages, unless you are promoting something that is involving them.

A special event tea using a local tea company will generally love the extra publicity, as well as will local vendors, and the opportunities for communal businesses to cross promote is endless.

Using it to engage with potential guests:

If you belong to a B&B trade association you can also use this feature to post to the association wall, as well as commenting as your inn on a regular person’s (i.e. non B&B owner/potential guest) comment or post. Be EXTREMELY careful doing this though as you don’t want to appear spammy and sales hungry.

A comment by a “potential” guest on a B&B association site is better handled with tact and non-pitchyness.

Example: Comment, “We had such a great time when we went to visit White Mt. National Park, it was so beautiful and the waterfalls were SO amazing! We will defintely be back in October!”

Non suggested way to comment on the comment/post. “Next time you visit the White Mts. come stay at our inn, yada yada yada.

Suggested way to comment on the comment/post. “We love it in the Mts. as well, did you happen to visit “XXXXXX” while you were there? It’s our favorite spot. (Or suggest a place to visit.)

Make conversation, don’t pitch.

Another point of conversation is if they mention another business (non B&B) start a conversation about it.

The point of doing this is your response (and fan page link) goes into the target guests email and personal feed on Facebook.

The potential for you to engage with a future potential guest as well as giving them the opportunity (everyone is curious to see who has commented on their post usually) to at least have them click through and see who you are, is pretty darn skippy.



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