Good News for Facebook Fan Page Owners

For almost a year, Facebook has had the option of letting any admin (administrator) of a page, delete the Fan page itself, with no way of getting the page back, even with appeals to Facebook, when it was gone, it was totally gone.

This was bad news for Fan page owners, as there were reports (and some first hand knowledge) of page admins deleting a Fan page either out of spite, unemployment or a difference of opinion.

It appears that Facebook has finally implemented an option to recover a deleted fan page. That is, before a two week time period is up and then its gone for good. As part of Facebooks never ending changes, this option hopefully stays this way for good as opposed to a Fan page being deleted permanently.

Important: Fan page owners are NOT notified by email or Facebook notifications that a page is scheduled for deletion, so if you own/maintain a Fan page with multiple admins, and an admin quits or gets fired for example, you still need to keep an eye on your page! (Which you should be doing anyway!)

If you do go to delete a page, say a business or idea is finished, you will come to a screen like this (below), that gives you the option of either of either un-publishing the page or deleting the page. If you just un-publish the page, it takes it offline so to speak, you as an admin can still access the page but its hidden from the public eye.

Also Important: Just hitting “delete this page”, will not take a page offline until the 14 days are up, it is still “live” unless you also un-publish it as well.

If you have found that your page has been scheduled for deletion, or you decide to delete a page of your own and you want to reverse/stop the process, go to Edit the page (top right) and then in the left hand column, go to “Manage Permissions” and at the bottom of the box, go to “Cancel Deletion”.

It goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway), if an admin sets your Fan page for deletion without your (as the owners) permission, highly recommend taking away their admin rights.



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3 Responses to Good News for Facebook Fan Page Owners

  1. saajan shah says:

    sir i deleted my jokes page by mistakes via Facebook Lite android apps,plz mail me at .Accidenly i saw your site and got hope that u can recover.plz reply even there is solution or not.Plz reply soon otherwise deleted page time will be expired to recover

  2. Chloe Tuttle says:

    thanks, Heather , Lots to learn!

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